Facelift For Selfies? The Surprising New Trend In Young Adults Newport Beach, CA

Facelift For Selfies? The Surprising New Trend In Young Adults

Call it self-obsessed, call it empowering, call it a simple social media trend – now, more than ever, kids, young adults, and even experienced adults are taking more and more close up photos of their face and sharing them regularly on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We could spend years talking about whether this is a good or a bad trend for society, but the reality is that “selfies” are here to stay, and for many represent a daily part of their life.

The Trouble with Selfies

While Selfies are often used to highlight people’s happiness, for many, the act of taking the selfie ends up being a lesson in highlighting their flaws. Indeed, the average person tries to take multiple photos of their face in order to get the right “look” because selfies are essentially a zoomed in photo, where all of the “flaws” of their face are magnified and highlighted for them to see.

Everyone is beautiful in their own way, but for many, the selfie represents a reminder that THEY don’t see themselves as beautiful. Every time they have to retake a photo, or every photo they see that has the nose they don’t want, the wrinkles they don’t want, the neck fat they don’t want, and so on ends up causing further psychological damage and self esteem issues that can persist long after the photo has been taken.

Plastic Surgery for Selfies

It’s likely the selfie that is the reason that facelifts have increased by 10% – more than nearly any other type of longstanding plastic surgery procedure out there. Many experts blame social media, and some plastic surgeons have actually created versions of facelifts specifically designed for social media, like the Facebook Facelift.

The actual procedures do not necessarily differ much from traditional facelifts, and are mostly just a term used to market them. However, what you and your plastic surgeon may look for with this type of facelift could be different depending on its goal. That’s why it’s also important to be honest with yourself – are you changing your face to look better in close up photos? Or are you looking to change your face as a whole?

If you’re considering a facelift for social media, then what you may want to look into is the following:

  • Rhinoplasty – The focus is on facelifts, but the nose plays a very important role in the way you see your face. Nose jobs can change how “photogenic” you are instantly, and may be the first area you want to consider for social media.

  • Skin Health – Many procedures for social media involve the use of creams, injectables, and stem cells for improving skin health. This is because often wrinkles and damaged skin are what lead to problems with selfies. Healthy skin requires fewer filters, and may make more angles attractive.

  • Chins/Necks – Your eyes are what capture people’s attention, but for many the chin and neck area are what make or break the selfie. These areas have to look strong, well rounded, and free of excess skin or fat in order to look good in selfie photography.

  • Low Scarring Surgery – Finally, it’s not always what you get done that matters, but rather the risk of scarring that goes into it. Facelifts that won’t cause significant scarring are crucial for social media facelifts and facial surgery, since scars would be highly visible with close up photos.

It is genuinely possible to have facial surgery completed to look more attractive in selfies. However, that should not be your only goal. Selfies will always bring out hypercritical behaviors, causing you to want to find flaw with yourself. That’s what happens when you zoom in on any face.

Facelifts and facial cosmetic surgery are still a great choice for millions of people, but make sure that you are only seeking out the surgery because it’s something you’re passionate about, and let your love of selfies be the reason or the TYPE of surgery, not necessarily the surgery itself.

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