Do you know the biggest mistake of people who invest in looking younger? They assume that it’s all about the face. They’ll buy pricey face creams and undergo procedures to improve their look but don’t put in the same effort for the rest of their body.

And because of this, their body ages faster than their face. The hands, for example, is just as big a reflection of aging as your face. It’s easily noticeable, too, because you use your hands for everything.

Hand Rejuvenation Newport Beach

Fortunately, you can turn back the clock on your hands with hand rejuvenation surgery. You can get rid of the top signs of aging on your hands, such as age spots, dull-looking skin, fat loss, wrinkles and fine lines, and prominent veins due to thinning skin.

And just like everyone who benefited from using hand rejuvenation, you can also have more beautiful and youthful hands with the help of Southern California’s top and most trusted board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Siamak Agha. He can recommend a suitable hand rejuvenation treatment for you to enjoy the best results.

Keep reading to find out how hand rejuvenation surgery can help you claim back youthfulness on your hands and improve their overall look.

Hand Rejuvenation Newport Beach
Hand Rejuvenation Newport Beach
Hand Rejuvenation Newport Beach
Hand Rejuvenation Newport Beach
Hand Rejuvenation Newport Beach
Hand Rejuvenation Newport Beach

What is Hand Rejuvenation Surgery?

Even if you put a generous amount of effort into taking care of your hands, they’re still not immune to aging. So, it’s only natural that your hands will start to show aging signs after some time.

That’s where hand rejuvenation comes in. It’s a procedure or series of treatments designed to eliminate those unsightly signs that reflect your age. It can:

  • Make the veins at the back of your hands less prominent
  • Get rid of age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines
  • Make the skin on your hands look more vibrant
  • Make the back of the hands look plumper

The specific procedure varies per person, depending on the aging signs their hands are exhibiting.

Hand Rejuvenation Newport Beach
Hand Rejuvenation Newport Beach

What Hand Rejuvenation Treatments are Available?

Fat Transfers

Fat transfers use your body fat as a natural filler to restore your hands’ youthfulness. 

Though body fat has long been used as a natural filler, the technique for getting more permanent results hasn’t been perfected until recently.

To achieve this, the fat cells must be kept alive during harvesting, then transferred to an area where they can get a new blood supply. This means using small and precise instruments for harvesting, separating the healthy cells, and grafting the fat in the area that needs to be enhanced.   

Having done this successfully over and over for many patients, Dr. Agha has now developed his protocol for permanent skin plumping of your hands. With Dr. Agha’s experience, no patient had ever needed a second fat transfer, as one session of fat transfer has been enough.

After a few days of using dressings and a light compression garment, you can finally appreciate your younger-looking hands. The incision would be placed where it won’t be noticeable so that none would be the wiser.

Filler Treatments

If you want predictable and immediate results, a dermal filler might be for you. 

In this procedure, the filler is diluted before it’s injected, spreading more quickly in the area. This means not having to inject as much solution into the hands as possible.

Dr. Agha will apply a topical numbing cream on the injection area before the actual treatment. Expect a little swelling and bruising on the site, but they should be gone after a few days. 

Dr. Agha will also recommend a series of hand exercises to help the filler spread evenly.

Fillers are highly affordable, at an average of $600 per syringe. Unfortunately, they’re not permanent, so you have to get them every six to nine months to maintain the results.

Chemical Peels

To get rid of dark spots, pigmentation, and some scarring on your hands, you may benefit from a quick and easy chemical peel treatment.

Depending on your pain tolerance and the peeling solution’s strength, you may be given local anesthesia. Dr. Agha will apply the solution to your hands and leave it for a set amount of time. After that, he’ll neutralize the peel with water or petroleum jelly.

The skin on your hands will peel to reveal the newer and younger skin underneath after a few days. Your skin may be reddish and extra sensitive, so make sure to follow Dr. Agha’s aftercare instructions. 

This treatment averages at $1000 but may be higher or lower depending on the peeling solution and the treated area.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Laser Skin Resurfacing

Excessive sun exposure can lead to the development of dark spots. But you can get rid of them with IPL and laser skin resurfacing, which directly target the dark spots instead of just the general area.

Your initial consultation would consist of examining your skin and discussing your options. Then, you’ll undergo treatment sessions once a month. The total number of times you’ll have to go back will depend on your skin pigment. 

If everything goes well, you should notice the dark spots beginning to fade two to three weeks after the first session.

If you think you’ll benefit from this treatment, the cost is $200 to $300 per session, depending on the machine used and the area treated.

What are the Results of Hand Rejuvenation Surgery?

Depending on the specific treatments you got, you can achieve any or all of the following results:

  • Plumper back of your hands
  • Less prominent veins on your hands
  • Fewer age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines
  • An overall youthfulness in your hands’ appearance
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem

Based on the results of Dr. Agha’s patients, you should see an 80% improvement in how your hands look. In some cases, the improvement rate is even higher.

Hand Rejuvenation Newport Beach

Dr. Agha is an amazingly talented doctor! He truly listens to your wants and needs and lets you know what he can and can’t do for you.


How Do You Recover from Hand Rejuvenation Surgery?

Compared to more invasive surgeries, a full recovery from a hand rejuvenation surgery is relatively shorter. 

Of all hand rejuvenation treatments, fat grafting is the most invasive and most helpful. But even for this procedure, you can go home immediately after the procedure without relying on anyone for assistance.

There may be little to no risks or complications associated with it, but you can get the best possible results from the procedure by following Dr. Agha’s instructions.

General Instructions

  • Mild bruising is normal and is no cause for panic.
  • You can go home or work immediately after the procedure.
  • There are no stitches, so you can start most activities right away.
  • You can take prescribed medications to manage the pain from the surgery.

Recovery Timeline

Immediately after the procedureYou may start most of your activities, including work.
Day 1You can use camouflage makeup for the bruising.
Day 2Mild to moderate pain is mostly gone.
Day 3Swelling peaks.
3 weeksThe swelling starts to subside.

Get Your Hand Rejuvenation Surgery at Newport Beach, Orange County

Hand rejuvenation surgery can give you more beautiful and youthful hands to match the rest of your body.

And to get the best results, you should only get the best. As one of the premier board-certified plastic surgeons in Southern California, Dr. Agha can help you explore your options so you can get your desired results.