The female and male bodies have different bony skeletons, muscle mass, and fat distribution. While not much can be done for the bony skeleton surgically, the muscle mass can be enhanced through exercise and hormone therapy. Similarly, fat distribution may be susceptible to some degree of exercise and hormone therapy.

But to achieve a more man-like figure by getting rid of fat on hips, legs, and buttocks, these modalities are often not enough.

Male bodies tend to carry less fat than female bodies. For men, excess weight tends to build up on their upper bodies, while it will more likely appear in the thighs, buttocks, and hips for women.

These differences make it impossible for trans men to achieve the classic V-shaped look: broad shoulders, trimmed waist, and minimal fat in hips, thighs, and buttocks.

Body‌ ‌Masculinization‌ Newport Beach

Body masculinization procedures can be beneficial to trans men wishing to obtain a more masculine physique. With the help of a top board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Siamak Agha, you can create a more manly figure through these procedures.

Read on and find out more about these procedures and how they can help you transform your body to reflect your true self.

With a Newport Beach gynecomastia surgery expertly handled by top SoCal plastic surgeon Dr. Siamak Agha, you can reduce your breast size and sculpt them into a more masculine appearance. It will give you the boost of confidence that so many women find attractive among men.

Get to know more about gynecomastia surgery as you read the rest of this article.

Body‌ ‌Masculinization‌ Newport Beach
Body‌ ‌Masculinization‌ Newport Beach
Body‌ ‌Masculinization‌ Newport Beach
Body‌ ‌Masculinization‌ Newport Beach
Body‌ ‌Masculinization‌ Newport Beach
Body‌ ‌Masculinization‌ Newport Beach

What is Body Masculinization Surgery?

Body masculinization surgery refers to a series of procedures that can help trans men achieve a masculine body.

If you aren’t satisfied with the masculinization of your body from hormone therapy and FTM top surgery, you may wish to consider Body Masculinization surgery to improve your physique further.

As a body contouring expert, Dr. Agha offers a comprehensive body masculinization plan that may target your arms, waist, hips, abs, back, and butt areas.

As a result, body masculinization surgery can improve your body image, confidence, and self-esteem.

Are You a Good Candidate for Body Masculinization Surgery?

If you’re a trans man in good physical and mental health, you will benefit from undergoing the procedure.

You should also be within your ideal body weight to enjoy the best results. It’s also important to have realistic expectations of the outcome of the surgery to avoid dissatisfaction.

It’s also essential to understand that body masculinization procedures entail risks, such as:

  • Irregular body contours
  • Minor asymmetry
  • Loose skin
  • Poor wound healing
  • Skin indentations
  • Need for additional surgery to improve the results

Some of these risks can be better managed by having a highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Agha perform the necessary procedures on you.

What is Dr. Agha’s Approach to Body Masculinization Surgery?

The specific surgeries planned for you are based on your desired results, skin condition, body type, location of fat deposits, and hormone therapy effects on your body.

Dr. Agha usually plans your surgery according to where you want to start.

Arms and Thighs

A female arm typically carries more fat on its undersurface and over the deltoid muscle. These areas can be made thinner and more linear by removing stubborn fat around the arms through Vaser liposuction.

Similarly, the female thighs carry a lot more fat than their male counterpart. Thigh fat creates hips, which is an important feature of a curvy female body. Plus, females typically have more inner thigh fat.

These areas can be made thinner through liposuction. Liposuction removes fat cells in areas where women carry more fat, thus creating a more masculine shape. Dr. Agha removes curves and replaces them with linear contours associated with a male body.

Dr. Agha typically performs tumescent liposuction, the gold standard liposuction technique. Furthermore, he offers liposculpting or lipo etching to masculinize the body further. He uses ultrasound-assisted liposuction to showcase your muscle structure and definitions.

Back and Buttocks

Men’s butts are inherently different from women’s due to their narrower pelvic bones, more masculine gluteus muscles, and less fat distribution over these muscles.

While round or heart-shaped buttocks are the main features of a beautiful female physique, the male buttocks are often less round, smaller, and narrower. The male buttocks are generally more V-shaped, with hip dips on the sides. This is ideally presented on a broad V-shaped back with little fat that displays the defined latissimus dorsi muscle.

To achieve this back view, Dr. Agha offers entire back liposuction and liposculpting to remove bulges and curves and create a V-shaped, well-defined back.

He further transforms the back view by performing a buttocks lift and reduction to end up with less bubbly and narrower buttocks if needed.

Buttocks reduction involves placing incisions at the junction of the lower back and upper buttocks, through which the butt is lifted and made smaller in terms of height and width.

If needed, the buttock shape can be further customized by creating hip dips with liposuction at the time of the butt lift. Furthermore, fat removal or injection can reshape the butt further according to the patient’s desire and vision.


The female tummy is typically curvy in appearance. It may also have loose abdominal muscles and too much skin and fat distributed to four different fat pads. On the other hand, a male tummy has less fat, more muscle, and is ideally V-shaped.

For trans patients, Dr. Agha offers a tummy tuck with liposuction and lipo etching. Liposuction reduces the curve of the waist and creates a more masculine linear side profile. The tummy tuck removes the excess skin and fat, as well as tightens the abdominal muscles as needed.

Finally, he transforms the female abdominal contour from four fat pads to two fatty plane. Combined with lipo etching, this results in a more masculine tummy.

Results are permanent as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and stable body weight.

Chest and Breasts: FTM Top Surgery

Female-to-male or FTM top surgery removes your breast tissue to create a more manly upper body. To improve the aesthetic results, your nipple and areola may be reshaped as well.

There are many techniques a plastic surgeon may use for this. Dr. Agha prefers the buttonhole technique, as it preserves nipple sensation and pigmentation. It also results in better nipple-areola size and positioning.

To do this, he removes the excess breast and fat tissues with incisions on the chest and at the mammary crease while preserving the nipple and areola on a small section of breast tissue. He then makes another incision where the nipples will be positioned. Your nipple areola is then pulled through at its new position while the chest skin is pulled down tight over it.

Body‌ ‌Masculinization‌ Newport Beach

How Do You Recover from Body Masculinization Surgery?

Your recovery depends on the areas treated and the techniques used for body masculinization surgery. Based on the procedures you’ve undergone, Dr. Agha will give you detailed instructions to ensure proper healing during your recovery period.

Immediately after your surgery, your incision sites are covered with compression garments that you must wear for at least six weeks.

Expect to experience pain and discomfort for the first four to five days. You can manage this by taking painkillers. Light walking is recommended to avoid blood clots from forming.

After one week, light physical activity is usually allowed. However, you should still wait at least two weeks before putting any pressure on areas where you had fat transferred.

By the sixth week, you will have fully recovered, so you can return to your usual activities. But to prevent your scar marks from darkening, avoid sun exposure for at least six months.

To ensure proper healing, here are some recovery tips you should remember:

  • Do not smoke or drink, as these can slow down your wound healing.
  • Use scar treatments so they lighten more quickly.
  • Take the prescribed antibiotics to avoid infection.
  • Use ice packs to help with swelling and bruising.
  • Don’t shower until the doctor gives you the go signal.

What are the Results of Body Masculinization Surgery?

After your body masculinization surgery, you will have:

  • A V-shaped torso associated with the male physique
  • Improved satisfaction from having an appearance reflecting your gender
  • Greater self-confidence from reduced gender dysphoria

Though the results are immediately visible, the final outcome would only become apparent in about three months after swelling has subsided.

Studies show that body masculinization surgery has a positive impact on patients’ well-being and sex life. Your collaboration with your plastic surgeon can help strengthen these impacts.

Get Your Body Masculinization Surgery at Los Angeles and Orange County

Body masculinization surgery is a truly liberating surgery that lets you discover your true self.

To ensure that the results meet your expectations, don’t leave yourself in the care of someone less than excellent. With the expertise of a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Siamak Agha, you will benefit from a treatment plan designed especially for you.

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Agha to discover how body masculinization surgery can transform your body into a more masculine physique.