For most people, the eyes are the most attractive features of a person’s face. But even though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the definition of beautiful eyes varies depending on who you ask.

Some people adore deep-set eyes that highlight the brows and make the eyes look more expressive. For others, almond-shaped eyes give off a vibe reminiscent of classic Hollywood glam. Still, others love downturned eyes that are perfect for creating a sexy cat-eye shape.

Double Eyelid Surgery Newport Beach

And for a lot of Asians who naturally have small, single-lidded eyes, having bigger and rounder eyes with a natural-looking crease is the one thing they aspire to have.

Around 50% of Asians are born with monolids, meaning their upper eyelids don’t have a natural fold commonly seen among Caucasians. Without the crease, the eyelid skin folds just above the lash line, making their eyes appear smaller.

But even Asians with double eyelids or creases on their upper lids have a double eyelid that’s different in length, height, and shape from their Western counterparts.

If you lack an upper eyelid crease or have a poorly defined one, read the rest of this article to know more about how Drs. Agha or Razfar can help you to have double eyelid surgery.

Double Eyelid Surgery Newport Beach
Double Eyelid Surgery Newport Beach
Double Eyelid Surgery Newport Beach
Double Eyelid Surgery Newport Beach
Double Eyelid Surgery Newport Beach
Double Eyelid Surgery Newport Beach

What is Double Eyelid Surgery?

The double eyelid surgery has one specific purpose: to create a crease in the upper eyelid. This divides the upper eyelids into two segments, making the eyes rounder and bigger.

It can also address drooping eyelids, which happens if the eyelid muscles are weak or become disconnected from the eyelid cartilage.

Double eyelid surgery can also remove extra skin and fat to get rid of the puffy and tired look commonly associated with hooded lids.

It’s one of the most popular surgeries among Asians and those with Asian heritage, which is why it’s also called Asian blepharoplasty. Most of the people who undergo this surgery are women, though about 5% of patients are men.

Having double eyelids gives the appearance of larger, more open, and less tired-looking eyes. It’s also easier to apply eye makeup when you have double eyelids.

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Do You Need Double Eyelid Surgery?

Wondering if you’re a good candidate for double eyelid surgery? Here’s a quick questionnaire to evaluate yourself:

  • Do you have small or non-existent upper eyelid folds?
  • Are your eyelid folds uneven?
  • Do you sport a fatigued, sleepy, or dull eye expression?
  • Do your lids feel heavy?
  • Are your lashes pointing downward, indicating that your eyelid muscles don’t fully open?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, you’re a prime candidate for Asian blepharoplasty.

… But Can You Get Double Eyelid Surgery?

Though you might want to get Asian eyelid surgery, you have to take note of some factors that might affect your results and the technique used, such as:

Though you can generally undergo double eyelid surgery even if you had eye surgery before, your surgeon can only use the anchor incisional technique.

Young patients might be eligible for non-incisional eyelid surgery as long as they don’t have extra skin and fat to be removed.

Those who use contact lenses can only undergo the anchor incisional technique as constantly pulling up your eyelids to put on or remove contact lenses can loosen the sutures over time.

Keep in mind that every race has a different eyelid appearance, so what may work for Asians may not look natural in other ethnicities, like Americans and Europeans.

Having good physical health with no severe pre-existing conditions is a must for every cosmetic surgery, including double eyelid surgery.

Discuss with your plastic surgeon the reasons why you want to get double eyelid surgery, including the results you’re expecting.

Dr. Agha spent almost an hour with me on my consultation and gave me various options to choose from.
His interest in what I wanted was genuine and he spent a lot of time simply listening.

Krista R.

What are the Different Double Eyelid Surgery Techniques?

Depending on your needs and anatomical features, you can choose between two methods of double eyelid surgery: incisional and non-incisional.

Know which of these two best suits your condition and goals:

Non-Incisional Eyelid Surgery

If you have symmetrical eyes without any muscle weakness, then non-incisional eyelid surgery may work for you.

Also known as double sutures and twisting technique, the non-incisional eyelid surgery involves weaving a fine thread on the undersurface of the eyelids to give it a discreet crease.

This method works best for patients aged 25 and below who don’t have any excess skin that needs to be removed. It’s also recommended for those with thin skin and very little fat around the eyes.

Compared to the incisional technique, non-incisional eyelid surgery has a shorter downtime. It can also be reversed most of the time, plus it creates a truly natural look.

Anchor Incisional Eyelid Surgery

With this technique, Dr. Agha or Razfar makes an incision on the upper eyelids and sutures them to create a crease. This is the more commonly used method between the two.

Compared with Caucasian eyelids, Asian eyelid creases are positioned lower. Caucasian creases are generally located approximately 7 to 10 mm above the eyelid margin, while Asian creases are only 4 to 6 mm above it. The entire length of the double fold is almost parallel to the eyelash margin.

Thus, if the resulting eyelid crease is higher, it might create an unnatural look for Asians and change their distinctive ethnic characteristics.

Aside from the creation of an eyelid crease, the anchor incisional technique also removes excess upper eyelid skin and fat pads. It can even treat ptosis or droopy eyelids.

Unlike the non-incisional technique, the anchor incisional eyelid surgery can correct asymmetry and muscle weakness. It can create more precise and flexible eye shapes and sizes.

Despite the incision, scarring isn’t an issue because it will naturally be hidden within the crease. However, it has a longer recovery time compared to the non-incisional technique.

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How Is Double Eyelid Surgery Done?

Like all other cosmetic surgeries, you need to schedule a consultation to discuss the look you want to achieve.


Dr. Agha will give specific instructions on what to do to make sure that you do not develop any complications. You might also be asked to buy a few supplies for a smooth-sailing recovery.


You will be given local anesthesia with oral or intravenous sedation before the procedure.

In some cases, your board-certified anesthesiologist may administer general anesthesia, especially if other facial surgeries are planned.


If you’re having both upper and lower eyelids done, Dr. Agha works on the upper lids first.

Dr. Agha makes incisions following the natural lines in your eyelids — in the creases of your upper lids and just below the lashes in the lower lids.

Depending on the extent of the surgery, the incisions may extend into the crow’s feet located at the outer corner of your eyes.

Removal of Excess Tissue, Fat, and Skin

Once the upper eyelid incisions are made through the skin, Dr. Agha then removes the excess skin carefully from the underlying muscle. He then proceeds to remove the excess muscle to expose the underlying fat bulges. The excess fat is then trimmed and the upper eyelid incision approximated using extremely thin sutures.

For lower eyelid surgery, Dr. Agha typically performs a subciliary blepharoplasty. First, he separates the skin of the lower lid from the underlying muscle fibers. He then teases the lower lid muscle open to access the weakened connective tissue fascia or septum of the lower lid that holds the fat around the eyeball in place.

He then detaches the weakened septum from the eye socket’s lower rim and reattaches it tightly to push the fat back. This way, he gets rid of the bags under the eyes.

He may also trim and remove or reposition some of the fat as needed.


The eyelid incisions are then closed using very fine sutures, then covered with thin ophthalmic ointment.

Eyelid surgery can take anywhere from one to three hours, depending on how extensive the surgery is. 

It can also be paired with other facial surgeries like the facelift and brow lift to reduce wrinkles and achieve a younger, fresher look. In fact, plastic surgeons recommend combining these surgeries to achieve the best results.

How Do You Recover from Double Eyelid Surgery?

Your recovery time for double eyelid surgery typically lasts from one to two weeks. If you had non-incisional eyelid surgery, you can recover as fast as three days.

Expect some swelling, bruising, and discoloration in the first week after your eyelid surgery. Apply ice packs on them to reduce swelling.

You might also experience a bit of pain, but that can be easily managed by post-op pain medications. You will also be provided with eye drops and ointment to take care of your operative site.

During the first two weeks, you can camouflage residual bruising with light eye makeup. You can also wear glasses as these can also disguise the evidence of surgery.

You don’t have to worry about scars since they will naturally be hidden within the new eyelid crease. They will continue to improve up to 18 months.

Here’s an estimated timetable of your double eyelid surgery recovery without any complications:

24 hours post-double eyelid surgeryReturn to work and regular activities (for non-incisional technique)
3-5 days post-double eyelid surgeryBruising and swelling at their peak (for anchor incisional technique)
7-14 daysInitial healing completed
Return to work and normal activities (for anchor incisional technique)

What Results Can You Expect from Double Eyelid Surgery?

Getting double eyelid surgery will give you:

  • A natural-looking eyelid crease
  • Brighter, more open, and more defined eyes
  • More symmetrical eyes
  • A lighter feeling on the eyelids
  • Longer-looking lashes
  • An easier time applying eye makeup

At first, you might notice that your creases look higher than expected. But they will eventually descend to the perfect level and shape you desire as swelling subsides within one to two months of healing.

The results of the anchor incisional technique can last for decades, affected only by the natural aging process. As for the non-incisional technique results, they last for an average of seven years.

How Much Does a Newport Beach Double Eyelid Surgery Cost?

According to data compiled by, a double eyelid surgery costs around $2,000 to $6,000.

Some of the factors that can affect the total cost include location, anesthesia, technique, and your choice of plastic surgeon.

In some cases, double eyelid surgery can be covered by insurance, provided that it’s performed as a corrective surgery for ptosis — droopy eyelids that interfere with your vision.

You’ll have to undergo a visual field test to determine if you need Asian blepharoplasty for medical reasons. Otherwise, the procedure isn’t covered by insurance.

Get Your Double Eyelid Surgery Done in Newport Beach, Orange County

Having an eyelid crease isn’t reserved for a certain race or ethnicity.

Whether you’re an Asian wanting to have a natural-looking fold on the eyelids or an American simply desiring symmetrical eyelid creases, you can get a Newport Beach eyelid surgery done by highly-skilled and experienced plastic surgeons like Dr. Agha or Dr. Razfar.

Remember to choose a plastic surgeon who respects ethnic differences so that you still get to maintain your Asian features and achieve natural results.