Back in the ‘70s, facelifts and other cosmetic procedures were almost exclusively done for celebrities.

But as plastic surgery started to seep into the mainstream consciousness, the facelift has evolved into an all-in-one procedure that targets various facial issues, available not just for celebrities but for every woman who wants it.

Lower Body Lift Surgery

The same goes for body lift surgeries. As one of the most complex aesthetic plastic surgeries, body lifts were mostly sought by weight loss patients who developed massive amounts of hanging skin.

But thanks to the advent of aesthetic body lifts, these procedures are no longer as complex as they were before. And with a highly specialized plastic surgeon like Dr. Siamak Agha with decades of experience in body contouring surgeries, you can now request a body lift even if you didn’t lose a lot of weight.

In fact, more and more women are now requesting an upper body lift and lower body lift to rejuvenate and restore their body after getting liposuction or just to fix various issues like aging, cellulite, skin laxity, and tissue sagging.

Even you can now sign up for a lower body lift! Learn more about this procedure as you read the rest of this article.

Lower Body Lift Surgery
Lower Body Lift Surgery
Lower Body Lift Surgery
Lower Body Lift Surgery
Lower Body Lift Surgery
Lower Body Lift Surgery

What is a Lower Body Lift?

A lower body lift is a body contouring procedure that specifically addresses the excess skin on the abdomen, mons, thigh fronts, outer thighs, buttocks, waist, lower back, and hips. This procedure removes a band of tissue circumferentially and tightens the body to create a smooth contour.

Other people call the lower body lift a circumferential tummy tuck or belt lipectomy. But for Dr. Agha, the procedure is far more comprehensive than a simple circumferential tummy tuck. After all, it also involves outer thigh and thigh front lift on top of a circumferential abdominoplasty.

Plus, Dr. Agha has his signature body lift known as the high-definition lower body lift.

The High-Definition Lower Body Lift: Dr. Agha’s Signature Surgery

What makes the high-definition lower body lift different from other body lift surgeries out there is the comprehensive approach of Dr. Agha in tackling all lower body problems through one circumferential incision.

Depending on the patient’s needs, these procedures typically include the following:


Also known as a pubic lift, monsplasty removes the fullness of the mons pubis—the fatty hair-bearing area above the genitals—and tightens its skin and tissues by lifting the pubic area 

It results in a lower profile mons that bulges less in the clothing you wear, giving you the freedom to wear anything you want.

Tummy Tuck with Abdominal Muscle Tightening

This procedure removes excess abdominal skin and tissues while also tightening your abdominal muscles.

It is a pretty popular procedure not just for those who lost weight but also for women who recently gave birth. Pregnancy expands your abdominal muscles way beyond what the connective tissues can endure, causing the ab muscles to separate in a condition known as diastasis recti.

Thus, a tummy tuck with abdominal muscle tightening can transform your midsection from bulgy to flat and toned.

Waist Skin and Tissue Excision

This procedure removes excess skin and tissue on the waists to give you a contoured, hourglass figure.

Anterior Thigh Lift

The anterior thigh lift is made specifically for solving issues on the front of the thighs. It was pioneered by Dr. Agha for his patients, as many of them have problems in this area.

This procedure uses an incision over the thigh front through which the thigh skin and fat are loosened up using a specialized instrument. The thigh front is then lifted and anchored to the pelvic bone at multiple locations.

The thigh front can be lifted by 1-2 inches, resulting in a smoother thigh contour.

Outer Thigh Lift

Also called lateral thigh lift, the outer thigh lift removes 8-14 inches of outer thigh and waist skin for most patients. It smoothens the contour of the outer thigh as it flows into the waist concavity.

Dr. Agha extends the front incision from the lower body lift or tummy tuck over the upper outer thigh. He then makes a second parallel incision at a higher position. 

Through these incisions, Dr. Agha excises the excess tissues of the waist and upper outer thigh. 

He then partially detaches the outer thigh skin and fat from the thigh muscles using a specialized instrument. In this manner, the outer thigh tissue is loosened up.  

The outer thigh tissue is lifted and anchored back to the thigh muscles at a higher position using multiple anchoring sutures. He closes the incisions in three layers, just like in a tummy tuck or lower body lift.

Lower Back Skin Excision

The lower back skin excision is a complementary procedure to a lower body lift. 

It removes sagging skin from the back of your torso and lifts your remaining tissues to restore a firmer lower body appearance.

Buttock Lift

buttock lift involves removing excess skin on your upper buttocks and lower back, lifting your butt, and correcting its droopiness. It results in smoother skin with less visible cellulite.

You can have a butt lift surgery on its own, but you also have the option of pairing it with a reduction or augmentation procedure.

Liposuction of the Lower Back

If you have rolls of fat at your lower back, lower back liposuction can help get rid of that.

It is often paired with a lower back skin excision to eliminate excess skin in the area.

Liposuction of the Waist

Waist liposuction helps you achieve a feminine figure by removing unwanted fat pockets in your waist, accentuating your hips and buttocks. It has helped many women go down several dress sizes and fit into their clothes better.

How is the HD Lower Body Lift Done?

The exact steps in an HD lower body lift depend on the specific needs of the patient.

Lower Back, Saddlebags, and Love Handles

For most patients, Dr. Agha starts the procedure on their lower back, performing gentle liposuction of the saddlebags and love handles. The liposuctioned fat is then washed and processed for buttocks fat transfer later on as needed.

To do the back procedures, Dr. Agha places two perfectly curved V-shaped incisions on the lower back and upper buttocks. The upper incision is located over the waist and on the flanks, while the lower incision continues over the outer thigh. 

Dr. Agha makes sure to mark these locations during the pre-operative marking session. He uses these incisions not only for removing excess skin on the lower back and upper buttocks but also for excess tissues on the waist and outer thighs.

Once these two incisions are made, Dr. Agha removes the skin of the lower back between these two incisions while preserving the underlying fat. He then develops the lower back fat on each side of the midline as a fat pad. 


Next up are the buttocks. Dr. Agha uses the lower incision to create a pocket over the buttock muscles. To do this, he lifts the butt skin and fat off of the butt muscles. 

He mobilizes and rotates the lower back fat pad into the created buttock pocket, then secures it while lifting the buttock tissue over it. This way, Dr. Agha enhances your butt projection by using excess lower back fat molded as fat pads. 

He completes the buttock lift by bringing the two incisions together and using three-layer closure for all his incisions.

Outer Thighs and Waist

Dr. Agha then proceeds to work on the outer thighs and waist.

He uses a Lockwood dissector, a special instrument invented by Dr. Lockwood, to elevate and partially detach the outer thigh tissue off of the outer thigh muscle.

He then sutures the outer thigh tissue back to the muscles at a higher position using anchoring sutures. These sutures prevent the lifted tissues from sagging further.

Dr. Agha finally closes the incisions at the sides to complete the outer thigh lift and waist skin incision, resulting in a smoother outer thigh skin contour and waist concavity.

To complete all the back procedures, Dr. Agha transfers the liposuctioned fat into the lower buttocks to create a rounder and more natural butt shape.

Tummy, Anterior Thighs, and Mons Pubis

Dr. Agha turns the patient over to continue working on the front. 

The outer thigh incision is continued over the front of the thighs and onto the pubic area. Similarly, the upper incision is continued over the waist area towards the navel. 

To do the tummy tuck, the excess tissue between these two incisions is next excised over the abdominal muscles. Once the abdominal muscles are tightened, the anterior thighs are lifted and anchored to the pelvic bone in a similar manner to the outer thigh anchoring.  

Next, the two incisions are closed with three layers of sutures, completing the anterior thigh lift, tummy tuck, and monsplasty.

The final part of the high-definition lower body lift involves liposuction of the waist areas.

Get Your HD Lower Body Lift Done at Los Angeles and Orange County

If you’re interested in breathing new life into your sagging midsection, thighs, and buttocks, then a high-definition lower body lift by Dr. Agha can help you achieve that.