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Whether you wish to remove your implants for personal reasons, breast implant illness, and/or implant complications, breast implant removal with or without the surrounding capsule is a relatively simple procedure. However, simply removing the implants often leads to saggy breasts and loose skin. To avoid this, a comprehensive approach to breast lift, reshaping and restoration is oftentimes needed. To that end, Dr. Agha has created his signature Internal Dermal-Bra Breast Lift (IDBBL) and Breast Restoration.

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Internationally renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Siamak Agha MD, PhD, FACS, is an expert in breast restoration and body contouring surgery. For over 20 years, Dr. Agha has pioneered multiple Plastic Surgery procedures that focus on creating definition and three-dimensional results that are not only natural but youthful. His pioneered procedures include the Internal Dermal Bra Breast Restoration, High-Definition Brazilian Butt Lift, High-Definition Tummy Tuck™, High-Definition Mommy Makeover and various buttocks reshaping and enhancement procedures.

Dr. Siamak Agha is:

  • World-renowned Faculty in Breast and Body Contouring Surgeries
  • Active Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • Diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • Active member of The Aesthetic Society
  • Active Member of International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
  • Member of the Orange County Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • Fellow of the American College of Surgeons
  • Fellow of the Royal College of Medicine (U.K.)


When considering plastic surgery, before and after photos can say a thousand words. We have one of the largest plastic surgery before and after collections on the internet. Visit our gallery to see the dramatic transformations and corrections Dr. Agha has performed for his patients. Be dazzled by his consistency, attention to details and perfect incision placements. Dr. Agha takes great pride in delivering three-dimensional breasts and body silhouettes that are beautifully sculpted and perfected. As he often tells his staff, the difference between good and great is attention to the finer details.

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Breast Implant Removal Landing Page
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Breast Implant Removal Landing Page
Breast Implant Removal Landing Page
It has taken 20 years and a surgeon inventor to come up with a series of advances to restore your breast shape, position, and projection The Internal Dermal-Bra Breast Lift and Restoration.

To appreciate why the IDBBL is a superior breast lift, it is important to understand what happens to your breasts after breast augmentation. 


Breast implants are man-made devices that alter the shape of the breast permanently.  Depending on your breast size and the size of the chosen implant, placement of an implant results in stretching the breast skin and tissue over the implant.  This makes the breasts wider and thinner over time.  If a large implant is used, often times, surgeons lower the inframammary crease to accommodate a larger implant.  This displaces the footprint of the breast and makes the breast lower on the ribcage.  Thus, the larger the implant, the lower and the wider the breast will become. 

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Removal of breast implants may be combined with the capsule that surrounds the implant or without the capsule. If the implant and capsule are removed together, this is referred to as en bloc implant and capsule removal. For most patients, implants can be removed without excising the capsule. However, en bloc implant and capsule removal may be advised or necessary in capsular contracture and breast implant illness patients.

Once your implants are removed with or without the capsule, you may be left with breasts that are:

  • Deflated and Sagging
  • Wider than before implants
  • Lower on your chest than before
  • Thinned breast tissue that is now stretched out (pancake breasts)
  • Substantial skin excess

Hence, the choice of your breast lift will dictate your ultimate results.  Though a breast lift can be performed through various techniques, different surgical methods do not render the same outcome. That’s why we highly recommend the internal dermal-bra Breast Lift (IDBBL) an innovative approach that was co-pioneered by Drs. Rubin and Agha in 2005.  Since then, Dr. Agha has modified and enhanced this procedure for the past 20 years to offer not only superior breast lift outcomes but also Breast Reshaping and Breast Restoration.  Dr. Agha has advanced this technique to control not only the shape of the breast, but also its height, width, projection, as well as the location of the breast and amount of cleavage.  In addition, he has created advanced signature procedures to augment the breast size with neighboring tissues in addition to breast fat transfer.

The Internal Dermal-Bra Breast Lift and Reshaping

Watch this Instagram video to learn more

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As mentioned above, to accommodate a larger breast implant, often times, the inframammary crease is released and the breast footprint is lowered. This results in breasts are on the lower third of the chest than the normal mid 3rd. To correct for this, Dr. Agha has developed breast repositioning techniques that relocates the breast back to its mid 3rd position via elevation and reconstruction of the inframammary crease at a higher position. This Breast Elevation technique repositions the breast footprint and elongates the height of the abdomen to create the ideal breast/abdominal proportion. The breasts are then lifted from this already elevated position giving you double correction.


Using your tissues or your own fat.
Revolutionary Autologous Breast Augmentation Techniques
  • Breast Autologous Augmentation with Upper Abdominal Tissue (flaps)
  • Breast Autologous Augmentation with Outer Chest Tissue (flaps)
  • Breast Autologous Augmentation with Midback Tissue (Spiral flaps) with Bra-line Upper Body Lift
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For those who do not have excess tissue surrounding the breasts,  Dr. Agha will perform future fat cell transfer to the breasts if possible.   It is important to remember that unlike a flap which can be largely permanent, about half of the injected fat will resorb or die after the transfer. 

These are highly specialized procedures that demand an experienced surgeon like Dr. Agha. Watch a breast reshaping with adjacent tissues follow-up consultation on Instagram. 

Cost of Breast Restoration Surgery

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Breast Implant Removal Landing Page
Breast Implant Removal Landing Page
Breast Implant Removal Landing Page
Breast Implant Removal Landing Page
Breast Implant Removal Landing Page


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