Otoplasty For Elf Ears, Dumbo Ears, And More In Los Angeles And Orange County Newport Beach, CA

Otoplasty For Elf Ears, Dumbo Ears, And More In Los Angeles And Orange County

Millions of people struggle with self-confidence in their ears. For many, they want their ears to be practically unnoticeable – a beautiful part of their face that most people ignore. But depending on your genetics, you may live with ears that are:

  • Too Large

  • Unusually Shaped

  • Perpendicular on Your Face

When your ears stick out, or are elf shaped, or appear much larger than you have ever wanted, you may find that it causes you some significant distress. For those that struggle with their confidence as a result of their ears, the solution may be Otoplasty.

What is Otoplasty?


Based in Newport Beach and serving areas across Orange County and Los Angeles, men and women of all ages call us about Otoplasty – cosmetic surgery for the ears that addresses the size, shape, or position of the ears on the body.

Otoplasty is one of the few procedures that is often considered on children and teens, when the shape of their ears causes significant social distress, teasing, or bullying. It is also often performed on adults, though adults are more likely to consider otoplasty as part of a series of cosmetic surgery procedures, rather than performing otoplasty on its own.

Otoplasty is a Safe but Delicate Procedure


Unlike several other types of plastic surgery, ear surgery is considered a very safe procedure. Serious complications are rare and usually associated with allergies or anesthesia. There is no risk of hearing loss, nor is their risk of losing an ear. Blood clots and other risks associated with surgery are very rare.

However, otoplasty is also one of the most delicate and careful procedures out there because a millimeter of difference can completely change the look of the ears. Asymmetry of ear placement is a serious challenge for some surgeons, as is “overcorrection” – when the ears are pulled so far back that they almost look like they’re pinned.

In addition, plastic surgery on the ears can’t address a few common issues. For example, if your ears are in uneven locations on your face, plastic surgery may not be able to address it, as ears cannot be repositioned up or down, otherwise, it would affect hearing. Scarring is also common, and could cause self-confidence issues as well.

All of these are why it’s so important to use a skilled, trustworthy plastic surgeon. Otoplasty must be completed perfectly, and doing so takes a very skilled hand.

Contact Dr. Agha Today for Orange County Otoplasty


Still, for many, their ears are a source of considerable concern and many issues with self-confidence, and when that occurs it may still be a very smart decision to consider otoplasty as a way to address it. If you’d like to learn more about our face related cosmetic procedures here at our Newport Beach plastic surgery office, call us today at (949)644-2442.

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