Plastic Surgery For War Veterans: Helping Leave The Battle Scars Behind Newport Beach, CA
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Plastic Surgery For War Veterans: Helping Leave The Battle Scars Behind

Even in today’s more modern and understanding world, plastic surgery is still not well understood. While the news generally focuses on the celebrities and A-listers that get their lips plumped and their breasts enlarged, the reality is that plastic surgery is so much more than that. For some, plastic surgery can help them move forward in life, like the man that lost 200 pounds and wants to remove his extra skin and fat, or the woman that has survived breast cancer and wants to continue to feel whole.

The same is true for another lesser-known use of plastic surgery – helping to repair veterans that have struggled with damage to their bodies after fighting abroad.

The Value of Plastic Surgery for Veterans


The damage from an IED or a gunshot can leave a lasting scar emotionally. But it doesn’t have to be a lasting scar physically. More and more veterans are seeking out plastic surgery in order to help repair their bodies after injury. For veterans, this can mean a huge step forward in their ability to recover from the issues that occurred overseas:

  • No longer having to feel as self conscious about their battle scars.

  • No longer having to look down and see the damage that the fighting caused.

  • No longer having to deal with the stigma associated with injury.

While plastic surgery cannot cure everything, and some scars may linger, reconstructive surgery does play a very important role in the ability to heal emotionally. Veterans are some of the strongest people in the world, with a mental fortitude that is unmatched by most in day to day life. But it’s hard to enjoy that strength when you’re living with self-esteem issues as a result of your service.

Plastic surgery isn’t the perfect solution to injury, because it can’t be, and some scars – like those that come emotionally – may require a lot of work to heal. But there is no denying that living with a constant reminder of the injuries of war, and not feeling handsome, beautiful, or confident in yourself is something that no veteran deserves.

Determining the Repair Your Body Needs


The idea of veterans seeking out plastic surgery to restore their body is not a new one, but it only recently received much press. For those veterans that want to learn more about their plastic surgery options, the costs involved, and how much reconstructive surgery can do, call Plastic Surgeon Newport Beach today at (949)644-2442, and let’s talk about your options available in Orange County and Los Angeles.

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