Water Jet Liposuction: A Revolutionary Way to Get Rid of Fat Newport Beach, CA

Water Jet Liposuction: A Revolutionary Way to Get Rid of Fat

With liposuction gaining more and more popularity over time, it isn’t surprising to see alternative approaches getting developed to get rid of unwanted bulges and fat pockets. 

One of the more recent technologies is water jet liposuction, also known as body jet liposuction.

Launched in the latter part of 2007 by a group of German plastic surgeons, body jet liposuction was first introduced as a safer and more innovative alternative to the current liposuction methods. 

Since 2007, body jet lipo has undergone several modifications, developing into one of the more promising liposuction techniques today.

What is Water Jet Liposuction?

Geared towards removing fat from your arms, neck, abdomen, hips, and thighs, water jet liposuction is meant to reduce the bruising of traditional liposuction. 

Water jet liposuction involves removing fat using a gentle but powerful water jet spray to dislodge fat cells, allowing fat tissue to be harvested with less damage to the surrounding areas.

Since water jet liposuction uses very little tumescent fluid, it also means that there’s a lower chance of getting side effects associated with it, like tissue swelling, fluid overload, and toxicity.

Instead, water jet liposuction uses high water pressure to break up fatty cells and tissues in place of tumescent liquid.

Despite its manufacturer’s promises, body jet liposuction is not widely used by many plastic surgeons since it does not appear to have a clear and marked advantage to the gold standard tumescent liposuction.

However, body jet liposuction may be of use for large-volume liposuction — that is, people who want to get rid of significant volumes of fat. This is about five liters of liposuction in one day in an ambulatory surgery center.

Get Your Large-Volume and Water Jet Liposuction in Orange County and Los Angeles

If you want to take out a large volume of fat from your body, you might want to consider getting a combination of large-volume lipo and water jet liposuction.

Just make sure to choose a reputable and highly skilled plastic surgeon, as his expertise and knowledge will profoundly affect the outcome. 

You should also follow your doctor’s instructions for preoperative and postoperative care. And before getting the procedure, you must obtain a health clearance certifying that it’s safe for you to get it.

Book a consultation with Dr. Siamak Agha to determine whether a water jet liposuction is right for you.

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