Three Types Of Buttock Enhancements And Contouring Surgeries Newport Beach, CA

Three Types Of Buttock Enhancements And Contouring Surgeries

The buttock is the shapely mass where the three gluteal muscles combine together. The muscles help provide strength for balance and gait, but most people know them for the shape and beauty they add to the human body. Symmetric curves are considered aesthetically pleasing to both genders, and the buttock is often noticed for its size, feel, and youth.

While “flat butts” are easy to ignore, and large unshapely butts are considered “too much,” the right sized shape can complement and flatter the rest of the body, and give the appearance of health and fertility.

Types of Procedures for Shaping the Buttocks


Maybe you have noticed a little sagging in the behind, or perhaps your shape isn’t as noticeable as you’d like it to be. Enhancing the buttocks could bring notable changes in the balance of beauty in your body. If you are considering a change to your buttock there are three main options to consider:

  • Brazilian Butt LiftThis procedure is extremely popular because it removes fat from unwanted areas and uses that fat in the buttocks. During this procedure, fat is taken from places like the love handles, around the waist, the stomach, or the back. The fat is sterilized and re-injected into the buttock in different areas. This procedure is best for people with a little extra fat in some areas, and who want to add volume and shape to their butt.

  • Buttock Implants – For those without enough fat to harvest from the rest of their body (or for those that want a very specific, long-lasting shape), buttock implants are a great option. Silicone implants can come in different sizes and shapes, and even customized to fit the desired look. Implants are limiting in that they are only able to firm up the upper and outer parts of the butt, however, in some cases, they can be combined with fat transfer as well.

  • Traditional Butt Lift – The butt lift is a repositioning of the butt, by removing skin and pulling the butt up, sagging can be eliminated. This surgery is best for people who have excess skin and sagging fat, either from weight loss or age. This can create a more youthful and shapely look.

Located in the center of the body, the buttock is often a focal point for the eye. It affects the clothes you wear and the symmetry of your shape, and it can set the tone for how well the rest of your body is noticed. If you are looking for ways to improve how your buttock looks, any one of these procedures is a great option for you.

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