Guess When The First Successful Facelift Was Performed Newport Beach, CA

Can you guess when the first successful facelift was performed?

Guess when the first successful facelift was performed - Instagram Post

A facelift or rhytidectomy is a cosmetic procedure that makes your face look younger. It surgically reduces the signs of aging on your face, like skin sagging and folds on your cheeks and jawline. A facelift may seem like a modern invention, but the first person to undergo this youth-enhancing procedure is way older than you think.

In 1901 Germany, Eugene Hollander performed a modified facelift on a Polish patient who wanted to “lift” her cheeks and mouth. It’s far from the facelift that we know today, but this inspired developments in the surgical techniques used.

Just six years later, the first book on cosmetic facelift surgery was published in Chicago. Then in 1919, there was a paper exploring the existing techniques used for a successful facelift.

The rest is history. Thanks to their efforts and all the innovations that came after, you can now get amazing results from facelifts safely!

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