Would You Be Willing to Be Operated on by a BARBER? Newport Beach, CA

Would You Be Willing to Be Operated on by a BARBER?

Would You Be Willing to Be Operated on by a BARBER? Instagram Post

It’s no surprise that the history of medicine had a rocky and somewhat gruesome journey before reaching its current, modern state. These days, the thought of barbers doing facial and body surgeries may be hard to comprehend. But back in 16th to 18th century London, there was such a thing as barber-surgeons. 

You can liken the role of barber-surgeons to the general practitioners of today. They did every cosmetic enhancement on the face and body, including ulcer removal, dislocation reductions, and even amputations! 

They even had a guild called the Company of Barber-Surgeons, which was pretty instrumental in fighting syphilis in 16th century Europe. The earliest and most basic roles of barber surgeons were connected to monasteries. Even as early as 1,000 AD they would be employed, through guilds, by the numerous monasteries around Europe. The main reason for this was actually because of their barbering skills. They were also known for doing regular bloodletting sessions for their patrons, as it was thought to be necessary in maintaining good health. 

Aren’t you just thankful that we live in a modern era where state-of-the-art plastic surgery technologies are widely available?

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