Myth Cosmetic Surgery And Plastic Surgery Are The Same Newport Beach, CA

MYTH: Cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are the same.

MYTH: Cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are the same - Instagram Post

Did you know that though people use these terms interchangeably, cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery refer to different things? 

Also called aesthetic surgery, cosmetic surgery is designed to improve someone’s natural appearance that doesn’t come from deformity or defect. These are elective procedures performed on healthy people so in most cases, insurance won’t cover the cost.

Cosmetic surgery is what people have in mind when they think of plastic surgery. 

Plastic surgery, on the other hand, is a more general term that refers to BOTH cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. It also includes procedures focusing on functional issues, like repair and reconstruction of deformities from birth defects, carpal tunnel surgery, and tumor removal.

Though cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are different, they have the same effect on you: enhanced appearance and improved confidence

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