Should You Use Devices To Transect Cellulite Attachements Newport Beach, CA

Should You Use Devices to Transect Cellulite attachments?

Should You Use Devices to Transect Cellulite attachments? Instagram Post

The short answer is no: Dr. Siamak Agha does not recommend the removal of CT attachments from the skin using specific devices.

Removing CT attachments should not be done haphazardly. Transecting devices like those mentioned above are only focused on severing CT attachments. They do not address any additional measures to ensure that the skin will look good long after the procedure.

Although these devices can temporarily remove cellulite, most patients are not satisfied with the results. Patients end up having loose and wrinkly skin without skin tightening or skin excision in place after treating the cellulite.

Instead, Dr. Agha recommends a combination of fat removal via liposuction coupled with CT release and skin excision to prevent unwanted skin folds from appearing.

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