Can You Guess When The First Tummy Tuck Surgery was Done? Newport Beach, CA

Can You Guess When The First Tummy Tuck Surgery was Done?

Can You Guess When The First Tummy Tuck Surgery was Done?

In 1890, the first official tummy tuck was performed by Dr. Demars and Dr. Marx in France. Less than a decade later, in 1899, a gynecologist in Baltimore, performed what we now know as a tummy tuck or its medical term: abdominoplasty. For the first few years, performing a tummy tuck without removing the belly button was seen as impossible. However, that changed during the 20th century.

Over the past several decades, abdominoplasty surgical technique has undergone a significant evolution. As early as 1899, plastic surgeon Dr. Kelly attempted to correct excess abdominal skin and fat using a horizontal incision. Since then many variations and incisions have been suggested. In 1924, Dr. Thorek described a procedure that preserved the umbilicus. In 1967, Dr. Pitanguy published a report of 300 abdominoplasties, and in the same year, Dr. Callia described a low incision that extended below the groin crease.

Later in 1972, the W-technique for abdominoplasty was described, and in 1973, the bikini line incision. When the Saint Tropez bikini (with a very low waistline) was fashionable, the abdominoplasty incision was nearly horizontal in order to be concealed under such a garment. When the French-line bikini (with a very high leg cut) was popular, the abdominoplasty incision had to be converted from a nearly horizontal line to an incision that paralleled the groin lines. Since the turn of the century, bikinis with very low waistlines have become more popular again. Therefore, proper adjustments in techniques are again necessary to achieve a tailor-made tummy tuck that fits each individual’s body. Today, Dr. Agha performs his pioneered high-definition, low-cut tummy tuck for his patients.

So whether you’re looking to sculpt your abdomen after weight loss or pregnancy, Dr. Agha offers so much more than the standard tummy tuck. People from across the globe seek his signature high-definition tummy tuck to achieve the perfect abdomen they have always dreamed of. What questions do you have about this post? Let us know in the comments:

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