Will We Have Scarless Surgeries In The Future Newport Beach, CA

Will We Have Scarless Surgeries in The Future?

Scarless Surgeries Part 3 - featured image, surgeon holds scalp by patients surgery marks

There may be a day in the near future that we may have reduced scarring or scarless surgery. Researchers have identified the mechanisms of scar formation in skin and demonstrated in mice a way to make wounds heal with normal skin instead of scar tissue. The research conducted at Stanford University have identified a drug, Verteporfin, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat an eye disease, which blocks mechanical-stress signals and prevents scar formation.

The researchers made surgical wounds in mice under anesthesia and applied mechanical strain to the healing wound while also applying Verteporfin to the wound. The results were astounding. The healed skin looked completely normal with hair follicles and glands. This new research is exciting and can possibly be a great advancement when it comes to plastic surgery in the future.

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