Did You Know That Fetal Injury Or Surgery Is Scar Free Newport Beach, CA

Did You Know That Fetal Injury or Surgery Is Scar Free?

Did You Know That Fetal Injury or Surgery Is Scar Free?

Is Scarless Injury Possible? 🤔 Researchers have identified that tension during skin repair plays a critical role in scarring. The skin of the fetus is gelatinous and doesn’t really have the ‘tightness’ we associate with skin. Thus, fetuses heal without scarring. At the other end of our lives, if a 95-year-old has been exposed to a lot of sun and has loose skin, scar formation is minimal because he or she doesn’t have that tension in the skin.

Drs. Gurtner and Longaker at Stanford University observed tension causes wound healing cells, fibroblasts to express a gene known as Engrailed which causes thicker scar formation. “There is currently no drug or molecular strategy for preventing or reversing the fibrotic process of scar formation..” OR IS THERE? 😱

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