Vertical Vector Deep Plane Facelift Newport Beach, CA

What Is The Vertical Vector Deep Plane Facelift?

Like most plastic surgery procedures in Orange County, there is considerable variation in the types of facelift procedures available, what is preferred by your plastic surgeon, and what makes the most sense given the results you’re looking for and your current face shape.

That means that it’s not as simple as going in for a “facelift.” You and your surgeon are going to want to consider all of the different techniques available and decide on the one that is best for you. If you’re looking for a consultation, contact Dr. Agha – Newport Beach’s leading plastic surgeon.

Another Type of Face Lift

A new facelift procedure that is becoming more and more popular is known as the “vertical vector deep plane facelift.” The Vertical Vector Deep Plane Facelift is a type of facelift that takes place around the midface and uses techniques under the muscle to shape the look of your face without injecting any solutions or adding any additional fat.

This type of facelift is believed to provide nearly as much volume to the face as typical fat grafting based facelifts but may have some other advantages that are popular with both plastic surgeons and facelift patients, including:

  • Smaller Cuts – The vertical vector deep plane facelift involves much smaller cuts in the face compared to other facelift styles. This makes it a popular option for those that have significant scarring issues, or doctors that are concerned about how the face would look with bigger cuts.

  • No Injectables – Not only does the vertical vector deep plane facelift involve no fat grafting – there are also no injectable solutions. This makes it a popular choice for those that are not fond of the idea of facial injections

However, not every plastic surgeon prefers the vertical vector deep plane facelift. Although it does decrease the frequency of scarring, it doesn’t necessarily provide the final look that the surgeon and patient are trying to achieve. There are also some risks involved, including potential damage to the facial nerve.

Should You Consider the Deep Plane Facelift?

In the hands of a trained plastic surgeon, this procedure may still offer the best results, and help you achieve a more youthful and healthy-looking face. But it is not right for everyone. All plastic surgery involves carefully considering your specific situation and looking for the best procedure that matches your needs and the final look you’re trying to achieve.

If you’re interested in an initial consultation to see which type of facelift is right for you, contact us today. We’re located in Newport Beach, and provide facelifts for all of Orange County, including Irvine, Anaheim, Huntington Beach, Santa Ana, and more. Call us today to find out more.

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