Facelift Patients: Take Time to Choose Your Plastic Surgeon

Facelift Patients: Take Time to Choose Your Plastic Surgeon

A plastic surgeon’s talent is judged not only by their technical skill. It is also in how they can combine that technical skill with their eye for aesthetics. Cosmetic surgery, such as facelift, requires an understanding of true beauty, and how to give you the best possible appearance for the procedure.

All forms of plastic surgery require this eye for detail. But there are some procedures where choosing a highly qualified, highly skilled plastic surgeon are of critical importance. That is especially true of facelifts. Your face is who you are, and you need to make sure that it is placed in the hands of only the most talented of experts.

What to Expect From Your Plastic Surgeon

It starts with proof of technical skill. This is where it helps to ensure that you are working with a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, or ASPS. In order to be a member of ASPS, surgeons must pass a variety of strict criteria, including:

  • Becoming Certified by the ASPS Specifically
  • Minimum 6 Years of Surgical Training After Med School
  • 3 Years of Plastic Surgery Residency
  • Thorough and Comprehensive Written and Oral Exams
  • Accredited Medical School Training
  • Proof of Continued Medical Education Annually
  • Surgery at an Accredited Institution

All of these are the minimum standards that plastic surgeons should have. The ASPS is the most highly recognized institution for plastic surgeons, and any surgeon you consider should be a board member in Plastic Surgery. 

However, being a member of ASPS is only one part of the puzzle. You should also check the work that they’ve completed, reviewing before and after photos for their facelift work, reviewing their history, and making sure that you can identify their eye for detail. Only by reviewing their work can you be confident in their aesthetic talents as well.

Find the Perfect Facelift Surgeon for You

Your face is you. While all cosmetic procedures, including breast augmentations, thigh lifts, tummy tucks, and more have an aesthetic component, it is your face that says the most about who you are. You want to make sure that you’re working with the right surgeon for this type of delicate procedure, and it is worth taking the time to research each surgeon’s skills, talents, and background.

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