Fat Transfer Brings Volume And Youth Back To Your Hands Newport Beach, CA
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Fat Transfer Brings Volume And Youth Back To Your Hands

When considering plastic surgery to reverse signs of aging, hand it to a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with a great aesthetic vision to match the youth of your face to other parts of your body. In addition to our face, neck, and chest, our hands show signs of aging, which include wrinkles, brown spots, large veins, and thinning skin. When making the decision to undergo a facelift, it is also important to consider and discuss other areas of the body in order to achieve a natural result that is in harmony with the rest of your appearance.

Most patients look over 10 years younger after having a facelift procedure, but their hands can give away their secret if they do not match their newly rejuvenated face. There are multiple non-surgical options to reduce the aged appearance of the hands. These options offer little to no downtime, yet yield impressive results.

With age and sun damage, the skin of the hands may begin to develop a bony, crepey appearance. Fat transfer can conceal prominent veins and joints in the hands, while also smoothening out the wrinkles. During this procedure, fat cells are removed from one area of the body, such as the abdomen, then grafted back to the hands through a series of injections. This fat transfer technique is an ideal long-term solution.

Dermal fillers are a good alternative to fat grating and offer a temporary result for adding volume to the back of the hands. In addition, topical treatments, such as chemical peels and anti-aging creams, can contribute to reducing fine lines and brown spots. Daily use of hand cream is recommended. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) laser skin resurfacing treatments are also beneficial and will correct hyper-pigmented skin, while also smoothing the skin. This form of photo-rejuvenation will even out color irregularities and skin tone. Whether a patient chooses fat grafting or a non-surgical alternative, both options will ensure volume is restored in the hands for a natural and youthful result.

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