'Twas The Night Before Surgery Newport Beach, CA

‘Twas The Night Before Surgery

Year after year, the holidays continue to prove to be the busiest season, even for plastic surgery. Surgeons everywhere struggle to keep up with the demand of patients looking to head under the mistletoe with their newly refreshed appearance. Many factors contribute to the holidays being a busy time for plastic surgery. For one, most people have extra time off during this busy season to allow for downtime and, as the New Year approaches, people want to look as young as they feel. Although, as great as it sounds to arrive at holiday parties looking fabulous after aesthetic enhancements, it is important to take into consideration all factors that can affect you when you plan your surgery during the busiest season of all.

The holidays can be very mentally and physically draining. While holiday parties and family gatherings can be fun and festive, they can also be stressful. During this time it’s normal to allow opinions of others to motivate someone to consider scheduling an aesthetic procedure. Whether you are trying to impress a family member you haven’t seen in years or attract the attention of crush, the decision to undergo plastic surgery should be based solely on a patient’s self-perception. Although it is a natural desire to impress others, it is encouraged that patients consider their motives for undergoing a procedure prior to making the commitment.

Many activities during the holidays are physically draining and strenuous such as carrying heavy shopping bags, traveling, decorating the home, and loading/unloading cars with gifts, etc. What may normally seem like effortless tasks could become challenging or even painful when you’re recovering from surgery. These should all be considered as plastic surgery is planned during this season.

It’s important, however, to be realistic in accounting for recovery time in the midst of this busy time of year. Some surgeries, like a breast augmentation or liposuction, can take a few days of recovery, however, the soreness can last several weeks. More invasive procedures like a tummy tuck or body lift, however, can take up to a month of recovery time needed. With the added pressures during the holidays there are several these are things to consider before booking your procedures.

Finally, as the New Year approaches and everyone is setting resolutions, many seek changes that result in packed schedules for plastic surgeons. Although its tempting to squeeze in a procedure before the year ends, make sure your decision is fully thought out to ensure that you also enjoy the most joyful time of the year.

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