5 Common Myths About Breast Augmentation Newport Beach, CA

5 Common Myths About Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the United States. Though the work itself is often well appreciated, both by the individual undergoing the surgery and by those that see the results of that work, the idea of breast augmentation still tends to have a stigma, due in large part to myths associated with implants and cosmetic surgery.

The following are some of the most common myths about breast augmentation, as well as the reality of the procedures and those that decide to utilize them.

Breast Implant and Augmentation Myths:

Myth 1: People Get Breast Implants for Attention

Truth: Attention can be a benefit of breast augmentation, but it’s rarely the only reason for it. Most women get breast augmentation to help their clothes fit better, or for comfort, or for confidence, or so that they don’t have to worry about another common stigma associated with sagging breasts from aging. Breast augmentation is a relatively simple procedure that can have multiple positive effects, and the motivations for completing it vary from person to person.

Myth 2: All Breast Augmentation is for Huge Breasts

Truth: People get breast augmentation for a variety of reasons. Many choose to have relatively average sizes, like size C breasts. Others actually get a breast reduction and use the implants to give their breasts back their shape. Some do choose larger breasts, but often it’s to balance out their bodies in a way that would not be possible with smaller breast implants. There are implants of all sizes, and all of them have personal benefits for those that choose to undergo the procedure.

Myth 3: All Breast Implants Look Fake

Truth: There are countless styles and sizes of breast augmentation, many of which look very real. It’s often the bra that causes implants to look “fake,” or the different look the person enjoyed before versus what they appear to look like now. Also, immediately after surgery the muscles may swell and tighten, which can cause them to look a bit higher than typical breasts. But over time they will settle to a natural, healthy position.

Myth 4: Breast Augmentation is Only for Younger Women

Truth: Breast augmentation make sense at almost any age provided you are in good health. Breast location and size are one of the key signs of aging. Many women in their 40s will get breast augmentation completed and look years younger. But perhaps most importantly, they’ll feel more confident because they enjoy their bodies more.

Myth 5: “I Have Seen Breast Implants and I Don’t Like Them.”

Truth: There is more than one type of breast augmentation, more than one type of size, and more than one type of body shape. Even the surgeon makes a difference. Just because you have seen one person with a breast implant you did not like doesn’t mean that everyone else’s breast implants are the same. Chances are, many people in your life have had breast augmentation done without telling anyone, and it looks perfectly natural and helps their body shape tremendously.

Making the Choice to Have Breast Augmentation Completed

Breast augmentation is certainly not for everyone. But those that have made the choice and do so for the right reasons are going to love the work. The myths about breast augmentation are just myths, and the truth about the procedure is that many women find it to be one of the best things they can do for their bodies and confidence. In Orange County, call my offices today at (949) 644-2442.

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