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Breast Reduction And Happy Patients | Orange County & Los Angeles

While breast augmentation and implants are one of the most well-known plastic surgery procedures, they aren’t the only options for those that are unsatisfied with their breasts. Even though breast augmentation has an extremely high satisfaction rating (97%, according to RealSelf) there is actually another breast procedure that has an even HIGHER satisfaction rating.

That procedure is breast reduction, which currently holds a 98% satisfaction rating on RealSelf. We offer breast reduction services here in Newport Beach, California, and every single one of our patients is pleased with the breast reduction procedure, because not only does breast reduction provide aesthetic benefits like augmentation – it also has additional benefits that make a woman’s life much easier.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?


Breast reduction surgery is completed under general anesthesia and takes anywhere from 2.5 to 3.5 hours. Dr. Agha creates very specific incisions based on the size and weight of your breasts, usually around the nipple and then often with a vertical line that moves down the breast towards the crease. There are also several other incision options that you can talk about with Dr. Agha.

From there, Dr. Agha will use the latest plastic surgery techniques to sculpt the breast into the more desirable shape, removing excess fat and skin, repositioning the nipple, and keeping the appropriate amount of fat and tissue to ensure the breast remains in an aesthetically pleasing (but smaller) shape.

There are several types of breast reduction surgeries and incisions available in our Newport Beach Plastic Surgery office, including:

  • Scarless Breast Reduction
  • Vertical Breast Reduction
  • L-Incision Breast Reduction
  • Wise Pattern Breast Reduction and More

The availability of all of these surgical procedures allows us to make sure that you have a shape that you desire.

Why is Breast Reduction Surgery so Positively Reviewed?


Why do so many patients of Dr. Agha’s breast reduction surgery walk away even more satisfied than those that receive implants? It’s because breast reduction surgery, for women that have been struggling with large breasts, can cause a lot of problems that are eliminated with this type of procedure. For example:

  • Confidence and Body Issues – In terms of body confidence, “overly large” breasts cause similar distress to small breasts. Both want to have a better shape. Those with large breasts often find that they look overweight in clothes and that their top-heavy size doesn’t make them receive the positive attention they hope for.
  • Back and Neck Problems – Those with large, heavy breasts often struggle with back and neck issues that are fully relieved by breast reduction surgery. Many have been plagued with significant pain in their upper and lower back as a result of their top heavyweight. Breast reduction in Los Angeles reduces that extra weight and prevents much of that musculoskeletal pressure.
  • Difficulty Exercising – Large breasts can make it very difficult to stay active. Running can become exceedingly difficult and painful, possibly causing the skin to stretch and the breasts to sag, and even walking with such a heavyweight puts a lot of burden on the feet and legs that may lead to rapid physical fatigue.
  • Clothes Issues – Not only is it hard for large-chested women to find flattering clothes – bras can cause pinched nerves, unflattering upper back (bra) fat, and more.

These are only some of the issues that have long plagued women struggling with large chests, and it’s why Dr. Agha of Newport Beach in Orange County has so many satisfied clients with his breast reduction work. If you’re interested in learning more about the procedures available or scheduling an assessment for your breast reduction, contact Dr. Agha today at (949) 644-2442.

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