3 Factors People Look For In Human Beauty Newport Beach, CA
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3 Factors People Look For In Human Beauty

Attraction is a powerful feeling, and it’s often one that’s indescribable. There are certain characteristics of the objectively beautiful, but describing them can be very difficult. You can point to the beauty in someone’s eyes, or breasts, or skin, but you can just as easily point to someone else with those exact same features and find that the attraction is not there.

The answer lies in our own evolution. Human beings are programmed to be attracted to qualities that aren’t always noticeable unless you’re looking for them. The following are three well-known factors of human beauty that all people find attractive.

What Do People Find Attractive?

  • Symmetry – Psychologists and sociologists agree: one of the primary components of objective beauty is symmetry. All humans, show a preference for men and women that have an excellent symmetry, especially in their face (but also the rest of their body as well). Even infants show a preference for adults with good symmetry, and as we grow older our attraction to symmetrical faces and bodies only seems to grow.

  • Health – Good health is complicated, and we know that good health can’t always been seen. But visually good health is considered a prime factor of beauty. We know this implicitly as well – it’s why so many people use skin creams, tans, and exercise to give the impression of good health, and it’s why others find that, despite having a variety of attractive features, are not necessarily considered as beautiful when parts of them appear to be in poor health.

  • Confidence – Beauty isn’t just in how you look. It’s also implied in body language. Humans show an attraction to those that are confident in themselves. Confidence implies worth, status, and, in some ways, health. That is one of the main reasons that people that seek out cosmetic surgery appear more attractive. It is not just the way they look, but also the confidence they now have in their body.

Beauty On The Inside and the Outside

Keep in mind that what makes you beautiful is now and will always be the person that you are. Amazing people have a beauty to them like no other, and great people create a subjective beauty that is as real and as beautiful as any objective beauty. But studies have shown that visually, there is such a thing as “objective beauty,” and one of the primary reason that people seek out cosmetic surgery is that they want their outside to match the beauty they have inside.

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