20 Common Transumbilical Breast Augmentation Misconceptions, Debunked! Newport Beach, CA

20 Common Transumbilical Breast Augmentation Misconceptions, Debunked!

Do you want to enhance the size of your breasts minus the unsightly scars? That’s what scarless or transumbilical breast augmentation (TUBA) is for!

But the fact that it’s essentially a scarless surgery makes people think that it’s too good to be true. A lot of misconceptions surround TUBA, which is why many women are wary of getting the procedure.

Check out the most common myths about TUBA and the truth behind them:

Myth #1: It’s hard to dissect the breast implant pocket because it’s too far from the incision. 

The truth: The pocket is created by expansion, not by actual dissection. Because there is no cutting going on behind the breast, making the pocket is actually easier than other breast augmentation methods.

Myth #2: The rate of TUBA complications is higher than other breast augmentation procedures.


The truth: The complication rate is only ⅛ of that of other breast enhancement methods when performed by an experienced TUBA surgeon. 

Myth #3: TUBA can cause massive bleeding. 

The truth: With only a 0.5% bleeding rate in published articles, Transumbilical Breast Augmentation has almost no bleeding because the abdominal muscles are never cut or separated. The instruments do not go beyond the ribs and abdominal muscles. No sharp instruments are also used.

Myth #4: Improper placement of implants is typical in TUBA. 

The truth: During the expansion phase of TUBA, your plastic surgeon sees the implants’ exact shape and position. It lessens the guesswork involved in implant positioning as well as your chances of getting asymmetrical breasts. 

Myth #5: Implants can be easily damaged when pushed through the tube. 

The truth: The implant is never placed through tubes or damaged in any way during the process. In fact, the implants will not make any contact with any instrument and are gently guided along the created tunnel by external pressure. 

Myth #6: Scarless Breast Augmentation leads to visible deformities on the abdomen.

The truth: Some swelling is expected where the tunnel was created for the implant to pass through. However, it’s usually temporary and subsides as the tissue heals. 

Myth #7: The implant will be damaged when used as an expander. 

The truth: In the past, implants were used as expanders. That is no longer the case these days, so there is no risk of damaging the implants. A separate expander is used specifically to dissect the pocket before final implant placement.

Myth #8: Using TUBA voids the warranty of the breast implants.

The truth: This is simply not true, although there might be manufacturing representatives who are not aware of this, thus perpetuating the misconception.

Myth #9: Transumbilical Breast Augmentation is a blind technique. 

The truth: An endoscope is used to view the operative site, particularly the tunnel, breast pocket dissection, and implant placement. 

Myth #10: Navel rings inhibit TUBA. 

The truth: Having navel rings isn’t an obstacle to scarless breast augmentation. Most surgeons have the ring removed before surgery and re-inserted after the procedure. Others leave it in place or use it to aid in elevation.

Myth #11: You can only do a subglandular implant placement in TUBA.

The truth: Both subglandular and submuscular placements can be performed in TUBA. In fact, Dr. Agha performs submuscular implant placement in most cases.

Myth #12: You can’t remove breast implants through a TUBA incision.

The truth: It’s quite easy to remove saline implants through the umbilical incision. You don’t even need a secondary incision. 

Myth #13: Excessive pain occurs as a result of abdominal muscle trauma. 

The truth: Because the abdominal muscles are not disrupted in any way, TUBA is less painful than other breast augmentation procedures. It also results in a quicker recovery. 

Myth #14: You can’t get this procedure if you have an umbilical hernia.

The truth: Transumbilical breast augmentation offers an excellent chance to repair an umbilical hernia, given the incision’s location.

Myth #15: The surgeon cannot control implant placement. 

The truth: Your surgeon uses an endoscope to verify that the implant pocket is positioned correctly relative to the chest muscle. This drastically lowers the chances of incorrect implant placement.

Myth #16: You need a breast incision to insert drains.

The truth: Most surgeons, including Dr. Agha, don’t use drains when performing TUBA procedures. In such cases where drains are needed, they are thin and round enough to pass out via the navel without any additional incisions.

Myth #17: You can’t get TUBA if you have had other abdominal operations.

The truth: Old abdominal scars can even be used as an alternative site of entry to avoid creating excess scars.

Myth #18: Your surgeon can perforate your abdominal organs or lungs when doing the procedure. 

The truth: The entire TUBA procedure is entirely subcutaneous, meaning the tunnels are created through the fat beneath the skin. There’s no way it will pass between body organs because that’s not where organs are located. Plus, the instruments used are not sharp enough, so there’s no danger of puncturing any organ.

Myth #19: TUBA increases the risk of implant failure.

The truth: When TUBA was first developed, implants were used as expanders, weakening them. But since that’s no longer the case these days, implants remain durable because it only makes contact with the body tissue during the insertion and nothing else.

Myth #20: Going through the navel causes infection.

The truth: Though no procedure is entirely free from the risk of infection, the chances of contracting it are meager for TUBA. After all, the incision is so remote from the implant that even a wound infection is unlikely to reach it.

The bottom line is, the risks of getting a transumbilical breast augmentation is just the same as any breast enhancement procedure. 

Make sure you choose a highly trained, experienced, and board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Siamak Agha to perform your scarless breast augmentation. 

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