The Perfect Cleavage: How Implants Enhance the Gap Between Your Breasts Newport Beach, CA

The Perfect Cleavage: How Implants Enhance the Gap Between Your Breasts

One of the most sought-after and commonly requested reasons for women wanting to achieve bigger breasts is the perfect cleavage. After all, nothing beats the allure of two perfectly-spaced breasts teasingly peeking out from a low-cut dress.

But the thing is, the perfect amount of cleavage is subjective. For some women, it may mean making their breasts closer together. For others, a little space between the two would be ideal.

Thus, the ideal breast cleavage is an essential aesthetic that every successful breast augmentation should achieve. Without it, the whole operation doesn’t seem complete.

To learn more about how breast implants help you get a confidence-boosting cleavage, continue reading the rest of this post.

What is the Ideal Cleavage?

Cleavage refers to the closeness of your breasts. When your breasts are close together, you look sexier, and your clothes fit better and more flattering on your body.

But the ideal cleavage doesn’t necessarily mean making your breasts as close to each other as possible. After all, there isn’t any scientific average cleavage out there, and it usually depends on your chest and torso measurements and proportions.

In general, however, a cleavage that’s about one finger-breadth apart creates a more elegant and natural look.

What Factors Affect Your Cleavage Appearance?

Several factors like the following affect the appearance of your cleavage:

  • Distance Between Breasts – A crucial factor in creating a cleavage is determining how your breast muscles come together in the midline. Depending on your implants’ volume, undergoing breast augmentation often leads to a slight narrowing of the gap between your breasts.
  • Implant Placement – The creation of the pocket where the implants will be placed can bring your breasts together or push them apart. It’s easier to narrow the gap between your breasts if the implants are placed above the muscle, but this might cause rippling and sagging among thin patients.
  • Implant Type – Round-shaped implants can narrow the gap between your breasts more than teardrop-shaped implants, as the former’s base is broader. Larger implants also create more cleavage, and high-profile implants give more upper pole fullness.

Other considerations include chest skin laxity, amount of breast tissue, and your breasts’ anatomy — like the width of your breast bone and the shape of your chest wall.

How Does Your Plastic Surgeon Create Your Ideal Cleavage?

Your plastic surgeon can utilize various techniques to create your ideal cleavage.

By itself, breast augmentation won’t improve your cleavage. If your breasts are naturally wide apart, they’ll continue to be so even after your surgery. However, the placement of your breast implants can enhance the appearance of your cleavage.

If your breasts are too wide, getting breast implants through breast augmentation surgery and positioning the implant pockets closer together will help narrow the distance between your breasts.

Using breast implants with a wider base can also create a nice cleavage. If your breast base width is 12 cm, using a 12.5 cm implant, regardless of whether it’s placed over or under the muscle, will increase your cleavage by 0.5 cm on each side.

A different surgical strategy may be needed if you want to do the opposite and widen the gap between your breasts. 

In case you’ve already had breast augmentation but would still like to enhance your cleavage, you can go for breast revision surgery to reposition the implant pocket. 

Another option is breast fat transfer. Your surgeon may need to use your own tissues to maintain the space between your breasts and preserve your cleavage.

If you wish to get breast implants to get the cleavage you want, schedule a consultation with top SoCal plastic surgeons at Advanced Plastic Surgery Centers today.

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