What Your Breast Implant Shape Says About Your Surgeon Newport Beach, CA

What Your Breast Implant Shape Says About Your Surgeon

One of the reasons it’s important to carefully consider your plastic surgeon is because plastic surgery is, in many ways, an art form. Like all art, plastic surgery can also be subjective, where each “artist” uses their own unique background and ideas to recommend and perform plastic surgery procedures and breast implant shapes.

With the best plastic surgeons, your personal preference will always be taken into account. But many patients leave the recommendations for their body contouring and cosmetic procedures up to their plastic surgeon, and in some cases that can mean that your plastic surgery may differ depending on the history and background of the surgeon performing it.

New Study Confirms: Breast Implant Recommendations Change by Region

Recent studies have confirmed that different plastic surgeons tend to push for different types of breast implants. According to a study published in an esteemed plastic surgery medical journal, over 600 plastic surgeons in 20 different countries each showed a country-based preference for different types of implants. For example:

  • Surgeons in Brazil and France preferred a larger areola. Germany preferred smaller.

  • Surgeons in France preferred less upper breast fullness. Surgeons in India preferred more.

Interestingly, the ethnicity of the surgeon played no role. Only the location that they provide surgery, indicating that breast augmentation preferences are very much based on local culture, rather than past culture.

What This Means for Breast Augmentation

Excellent plastic surgeons will always look at your body as scientifically as possible. Dr. Agha, one of the best Newport Beach plastic surgeons available, and one of the most popular choices for breast augmentation in Orange County, tries to take an objective approach, looking at your own personal preferences, your current shape, and what will create the most natural and healthy-looking result.

But this study does show that flying internationally to get your plastic surgery completed could be an issue for those that have not fully researched their plastic surgeon. It’s possible that many people that fly to other countries to complete their surgical procedures will be disappointed with the result, especially if they do not already have an idea of what types of breasts they want to achieve from their surgery.

Those that are considering an international flight for their plastic surgery should always go to their appointments knowing both the plastic surgeon and the exact breast shape and type that they want, to avoid any disappointments with a locally popular breast augmentation. If you’re interested in learning more about the breast options available for you, contact Dr. Agha today at (949)644-2442, and we’ll discuss the procedures available and decide on the breast implant that will not cause any disappointment.

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