What Are The Different Types Of Tummy Tuck Newport Beach, CA

What Are The Different Types Of Tummy Tucks

Tummy tucks are incredibly popular, and growing in popularity every single day. Over 114,000 people got a tummy tuck in 2014 alone, and in my offices in Newport Beach it is one of my most common surgical requests. Tummy tucks are popular because they address a common issue that many women and men struggle with:

  • Post Pregnancy Stomach Stretching

  • Obesity and Weight Gain Fat Pockets

  • Age Related Sagging and Growth, and More

One of the international symbols of youth is a flat stomach, and so it stands to reason that those that want to regain their feelings of health and wellness want a flat stomach and seek out our tummy tuck services.

Tummy Tucks are Multiple Procedures

Although the term “tummy tuck,” or its medical term, abdominoplasty, are used to generically describe the crafting of a flatter stomach, the term itself actually references multiple different surgical techniques, and it’s up to you and your doctor which techniques to use for your specific needs. For example, tummy tucks may involve liposuction, abdominal wall tightening, skin removal, fat removal, and more. There are also several different types of tummy tucks, including:

  • Traditional/Full Abdominoplasty – This is the most common type of tummy tuck. One incision is made well below the abdomen, the other is made near the belly button, and the entire abdomen is sculpted using liposuction, skin removal, fat removal, and muscle fascia tightening.

  • Mini Tummy TuckMini tummy tucks, like the name implies, are a smaller form of tummy tucks with fewer changes and few scarring. Generally only one incision is made, and the belly button does not require any repositioning. Mini Tummy Tucks are best used by those that are much closer to their ideal body weight – especially those that are not struggling with large pockets of fat.

  • Extended Tummy Tuck – Tummy tucks are excellent standalone procedures. But not everyone’s body is ready for “just” a tummy tuck. Some men and women have excess skin and fat on their hips, thighs, love handles, and more, and a tummy tuck alone would cause an unusual shape. So extended tummy tucks are, as the name implies, continuations of the tummy tuck used to address other, nearby areas during the same surgical procedure.

  • Circumferential Tummy Tucks – For those that have lost a significant amount of weight, a tummy tuck alone may not be as preferable as a circumferential tummy tuck, which is related to body lifts. Incisions go all the way around the circumference of the individual getting the surgery, including the lower back, to essentially straight and flatten the whole body all the way around, not just the front.

  • High Definition Tummy TuckThis technique, developed by Dr. Agha, is a form of traditional tummy tucks that involves better body shaping, and a more hourglass shape. The term refers to the shaping of the abdomen to not just be flatter, but also look like a “healthy” and “ideal” abdomen is supposed to look.

This list is also not extensive, as other tummy tucks and plastic surgery procedures can be performed together to craft the results that you’re looking for, and in some cases your Orange County plastic surgeon may want to recommend an additional option based on your body type and body contouring goals. If you are anywhere in Southern California, call our Newport Beach plastic surgery offices today to find out more about the different types of tummy tucks, and other cosmetic procedures.

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