Choosing the Perfect Season for Your Transformation

Choosing the Perfect Season for Your Transformation

As you decide when to plan your plastic surgery, there are many considerations you’ll want to make. Surgeon, of course, is one, as is the location of the surgery and the type of procedure completed. But there are also smaller, often forgotten factors that you may want to consider. One of which is the time of the year, and whether or not it is the best season for your surgery.

Plastic Surgery by Season – Does Time of Year Matter?

Time of year certainly should not be your only consideration about when you plan your surgery. But it does matter – often in surprising ways. Consider the following:


If summer is the best time for you to get your surgery completed, then you should get it completed in summer. But if we are ranking the seasons for surgery, summer is the caboose. It isn’t necessarily a bad time – no time is a bad time to do something you’ve always dreamt of doing – but since it’s the best time to be outdoors, tanning can cause darker scars, and the heat makes it more difficult in SoCal to cover up, summer isn’t as great a time as the other three seasons.

Still, it is always a good idea to keep an eye open. Some great surgeons offer specials, others have minor procedures and non-invasive procedures available. Even though summer may not be the best season, it doesn’t hurt to look.


Spring can be a bit cooler, and for some it is a useful time to go simply because the kids are in school. Surgeries that have a shorter recovery period may be useful during this time, as would non-invasive procedures simply because they take about 12 weeks to show their full effects.


Fall is a close second to the best season to get your transformation done. The greatest advantage of waiting until fall is that you can spend the warmer summer weather outdoors, exercising, and trying to maintain your ideal body. The better shape you’re in before the surgery, the better the results, and the more you’ll be ready to keep taking care of yourself after.

In addition, fall clothes tend to be useful for hiding any bruising or swelling, though arguably in Southern California that rarely comes into play.


Winter months may be the best time for plastic surgery. Why? Because winter tends to have all of the factors that you need for both surgery and recovery:

  • You are often able to schedule more days off for recovery.
  • You often have family and friends also off that can help you during recovery.
  • You are likely wearing more clothing, which can help you hide any surgical bruising.
  • You should be recovered by spring/summer, in time to enjoy the results.

Many people also find that they are more motivated during this time because it is for the “new year.” If this makes you even more excited about your surgery, then it is a great time to get it done.

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