How to Choose the Right Breast Implant Size Newport Beach, CA

How to Choose the Right Breast Implant Size

When getting breast augmentation surgery, choosing the right implant size is generally the most critical decision you have to make. 

Because of this, Dr. Agha will take several approaches to help you make the best decision about your breast implants based on your anatomy, personal preferences, and the appearance you wish to achieve. 

Why Is It Important to Choose the Right Implant Size?

Choosing a smaller implant than your natural breast envelope will not provide the proper cleavage and shape following the procedure. And since the breast envelope is not filled, your breasts may sag over the small implants.

Similarly, choosing an implant that’s too large for the amount of breast tissue you have can cause synmastia — a condition wherein your breasts are too close together, with one or both of them riding over the breast bone and kissing each other. This can cause an unnatural appearance.

Plus, inappropriately large implants may be visible through your skin or make the implant more easily felt. They can stretch out your breast skin, resulting in unsightly stretch marks. 

Also, larger breast implants may enhance the effects of gravity on your chest, causing your breasts to droop or sag prematurely. 

What Should You Consider in Choosing Breast Implant Size?

There are several considerations in choosing your breast implant size, such as the following:

  • Anatomy – Your height and build will dictate the implant size that’s appropriate for you.
  • Breast size and shape – The current shape and size of your natural breasts will play a part in your implant selection as the implant will complement the amount of breast tissue you have.
  • Desired final look –  Although a desire for a specific cup size is helpful to Dr. Agha in guiding you in selecting the proper size, it is more beneficial to focus on the shape and appearance you wish to achieve. In his practice, the patients ultimately chose their final size and implant.
  • Breast sagginess – If you have sagging breasts, you may also need to get a breast lift together with your breast implants.
  • Current lifestyle – In general, women with an active lifestyle choose smaller-sized implants, as large implants can impede certain exercises and activities.

How Does Dr. Agha Measure Your Breast Implants?

Before your breast augmentation, Dr. Agha will examine your breast tissue and skin and measure your breast characteristics in reference to your chest. These measurements will give him an idea of a suitable implant to help you achieve the breast size you want. 

An ideal implant will correspond to and cover the base of your breast. Thus, the diameter of your breast will provide the most important measurement and a good starting point to select your implant of choice.

Your breast size after surgery depends on two main factors: how big you were before surgery and the volume of implant inserted. Implant volume is measured in CCs, with 30 ccs equal to 1 oz.  

Although everyone is built differently and bras are not manufactured to a set standard, you can expect that a cup size is approximately 200 cc in a person of average height and build. 

If you are tall or have broad shoulders, you can expect that number to be slightly higher. Similarly, if you are shorter or have a narrower chest, you can expect that number to be slightly lower. 

During your consultation with Dr. Agha, you will try on actual implant sizers by placing them in your bra. Make sure that your bra is not a push-up or padded bra on the day of your consultation. Doing so will give you an accurate preview of your final breast size and help you decide on your preferred implant size.

Mentor has an implant sizing system that includes 18 unique volume sizers (nine for each breast). With these sizers, Dr. Agha can simulate 24 different breast volumes ranging from 150 ccs to 775 ccs, helping you decide on your breast implant size. The most popular implant sizes are about 350 to 450 ccs in Dr. Agha’s practice.

Should You Choose a Bigger or Smaller Implant?

Most of Dr. Agha’s patients ultimately chose their final sizer and implant. When asked about size postoperatively, more than 95 percent feel they chose the right implant size to achieve the appearance they envisioned. The remaining few ones state that they might have gone larger if they were to choose again. We rarely heard of a patient who wanted to be smaller. 

Therefore, if you are debating between two sizes, it is probably a safer decision to opt for the larger size. From the last 100 patients of Dr. Agha who had breast augmentation, only one patient requested breast augmentation revision for a larger breast implant.  

With Dr. Agha, you can feel free to make as many trips to the office as you need to select your implant. Having realistic expectations and following your doctor’s recommendations are essential to get the best result possible that will make you happy.

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