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20 Vital Questions You MUST Ask Your Plastic Surgeon BEFORE Your Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a common and popular plastic surgery procedure, as women everywhere love the way that implants change their shape and capture the attention of others.

Every plastic surgeon is trained to provide women with breast implants that match their needs and expectations. But no two plastic surgeons are alike, just as no two women are alike. Your results depend on many factors, including:

  • Your Surgeon
  • Your Age
  • Your Body Shape
  • Your Lifestyle Habits
  • Your Implant Selection
  • Your breast volume and shape
  • Any breast asymmetry, and many more

With so many different factors at play, it’s important to ask your surgeon as many questions as possible, to make sure that you are confident in your decision and aware of the possible outcomes. The following are 20 of the most important questions to ask before your breast augmentation procedure.

20 Vital Questions to Ask

  • What Certifications Do You Hold?
  • What is Your Background in Plastic Surgery?
  • What Size Implant is My Body Shape Best Suited For?
  • What Different Texturing Options Are There and What Do You Recommend?
  • Where Will the Procedure Be Performed?
  • How Long Will My Implants Last?
  • Do You Offer Any Guarantees or Support During or After Recovery?
  • What if I Get Pregnant? What Will Happen to My Breasts?
  • What Kind of Nipple Shape Will I Have?
  • How Much Scarring Should I Expect and Where Will the Scar Be?
  • How Will This Procedure and These Implants Age as I Age?
  • What Are the Risks of the Procedure?
  • What Happens if I Am Disappointed with the Results?
  • Do You Have Any Before or After Photos I Can See?
  • What Happens if I Exercise, Swim, or Gain Weight in the Future?
  • How Long Until I Can See the Final Results?
  • What Do You Do to Help Improve Safety During Surgery?
  • Will I Need Any Revision Surgery?
  • How Many Years Will I be Followed Up for?
  • What Happens if I Want the Implants Removed?

Knowing What to Ask

These are only some of the many questions you may have before you choose to consider breast augmentation. You likely have many more. That’s why you should also consider choosing a surgeon that is willing to give you answers. Dr. Agha and his staff at The Aesthetic Centers in Newport Beach, CA are always available to answer your questions and make sure that you are feeling confident about your choice to consider breast augmentation. For more information, contact us today.

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