Go Gummy: A Guide on Choosing the Best Natrelle Breast Implants Newport Beach, CA

Go Gummy: A Guide on Choosing the Best Natrelle Breast Implants

Containing highly cohesive gel, Natrelle implants by Allergan can hold their overall shape and upper pole fullness with ease. These gummy implants also boast their patented Intrashield barrier shell technology, ensuring that the gel stays inside the implant in the event of implant damage.

It’s so cohesive that even if you cut the implant, the gel stays in place. Such a mechanism lessens the risk of implant rupture that can cause pain and changes in your breasts’ shape and contour.

Learn more about Natrelle breast implants by Allergan as you read the rest of this post.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Natrelle Implants?

Allergan understands that each woman has unique body structures and breast features, so the Natrelle breast implants come in various shapes and sizes.

To help you choose which one would look best for you, here’s what you should consider:


Breast fullness refers to the roundness of the upper pole of your breasts. Fuller implants have a more rounded look, while those with minimal fullness are more teardrop-shaped.

Natrelle breast implants by Allergan come in four fullness variants:

  • Maximum fullness – Preferred by 19% of 141 breast augmentation patients surveyed for a study, implants with maximum fullness have a very rounded look on top.
  • Enhanced fullness – Although slightly less round than implants with maximum fullness, enhanced fullness implants still have a fuller look with more roundness at the top. It is the implant of choice for about 61% of patients surveyed.
  • Moderate fullness – These implants have a full look with slight roundness on top.
  • Minimal fullness – It has very little fullness on top and more fullness at the lower pole.


The breast implant profile refers to how much it projects forward from the chest wall when you’re standing.

Allergan breast implants have five profile options, helping your surgeon customize your look based on your aesthetic goals and body structure.

  • Low profile – 110 cc to 610 cc
  • Low plus profile – 125 cc to 640 cc
  • Moderate profile – 140 cc to 755 cc
  • Full profile – 180 cc to 770 cc
  • Extra full profile – 200 cc to 800 cc


An implant’s gumminess refers to its cohesiveness. The gummier the implant, the better it holds its original shape.

When choosing implant gumminess, it’s recommended to hold the implant in your hand and squish it to determine its softness. You should also hold it upright to check out its shape and help you decide which one you prefer.

What Are the Different Allergan Breast Implants?

As one of the most trusted breast implant manufacturers, Allergan offers several breast implant options that you can choose from.

Natrelle Inspira Collection

Allergan manufactures a wide variety of breast implants, but its Natrelle Inspira Collection remains to be the newest, most popular, and most advanced silicone implants. These smooth round gel implants are made of silicone elastomer shell filled with soft, cohesive silicone gel. 

Compared to the usual Natrelle silicone-filled breast implants, Inspira implants have a higher gel filling, resulting in fewer skin ripple issues. All of them have smooth surfaces instead of textured ones.

Here are three types of Natrelle Inspira breast implants.


With a cohesive rating of 1, the Natrelle Inspira Responsive implants have a rounded, full look while remaining soft to touch.


More cohesive than Responsive implants, the Natrelle Inspira SoftTouch implants can retain upper pole fullness by up to 91%, which prevents it from rippling, wrinkling, or getting misshapen. 

Despite this, it still remains soft to touch, as its name suggests.


Considered to be the gummiest in the Inspira collection, Natrelle Inspira Cohesive implants are 55% more cohesive than Responsive implants, making them the gummiest implants in the Natrelle Inspira line.

It is best used for breast reconstruction and breast augmentation revision where tissue and skin coverage is thin or inadequate.

Natrelle Saline-Filled Breast Implants

If you want to adjust your breasts’ size, you can opt for Natrelle saline-filled breast implants. It is filled with saline solution after insertion to make adjustments easier and help you achieve the breast volume you want.

But because saline has the consistency of water, these implants are harder than silicone ones. Implant folds may also be visible if your skin is thin.

Get Your Natrelle Breast Implants by Allergan in Newport Beach, Orange County

Implant safety and aesthetics are of utmost concern in breast augmentation and reconstruction surgeries, and Allergan implants ensure both of those. The choice of which Natrelle implants to get boils down to your preferences and the surgeon’s recommendations.

Best of all, your Natrelle breast implants are covered by the ConfidencePlus gel warranty, protecting you from complications like implant rupture, capsular contracture, late seroma, and breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma.

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Siamak Agha, one of SoCal’s premier plastic surgeons, to help you decide the best implants for you.

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