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Nothing To Fear From Off-Label Procedures In Los Angeles And Orange County

If you have spent any time researching cosmetic procedures, you have no doubt come across the term “off-label” in the description of some treatment or drug. The idea of using a treatment off label can seem frightening because the term means that a procedure is being used is a way it was not mean to be used.

Off label use of plastic surgery procedures is becoming more and more common, and while you should always be aware and informed, most off-label treatments are nothing to be worried about.

What is an Off Label Plastic Surgery Procedure?


All off-label drugs or procedures are FDA approved for some specific medical use. But often drugs or procedures can do many different things. “Off-label” is a term used to describe when a drug or medical procedure is used for a different purpose then they the procedure they were approved for by the FDA. By allowing off-label uses, doctors can treat conditions that otherwise would have no treatment or potentially less effective treatments, maximizing the potential of a drug or procedure.

One of the most famous off-label use is aspirin for reducing heart attacks. Aspirin is not technically approved for preventing heart attacks, and yet millions of people use it for that today at the request of their doctor. There are countless examples of off label uses in modern medicine, and this is especially used in cosmetic procedures, where a plastic surgery, injectable medicine, and more are approved for only one part of the body but are used in other parts of the body where logically it makes sense to do so.

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