Male Plastic Surgery: 5 Things Every Man Must Know

Male Plastic Surgery: 5 Things Every Man Must Know

Plastic surgery is no longer seen as a tool to improve the looks of women. The stigma about male plastic surgery has been deteriorating, and now there are more men getting plastic surgery than ever before. Over 1 million procedures were performed on men in 2016 alone, and that number is rising at a rapid pace.

But as more men consider plastic surgery, so too are there more questions that may arise as you consider whether or not to have the procedure. Below are several common questions that men have about plastic surgery. If you have any questions on your own that aren’t addressed here, please feel free to contact us at the Aesthetic Centers.

Question 1: Are Men’s Procedures the Same As Women’s Procedures?

Answer: No. Not at all. All procedures performed on men were specifically developed with the male anatomy in mind, with an eye on the specific aesthetic needs that men have, and the desired goals they hope to obtain with their body.

Question 2: Do I Have to Take Off Work?

Answer: Probably. Although it is theoretically possible that you can do some very light computer based work, the truth is that you want to take it easy and rest after the procedure is over. You need to heal in order to both see the best results and feel the best about yourself. So yes, plan to take off at least a few weeks of work, avoid exercising or carrying heavy items, and talk to Dr. Agha about some of the recovery strategies you should consider for the procedure.

Question 3: Do I Still Have to Go to the Gym?

Answer: Yes, but you should want to as well! Plastic surgery is not a replacement for a healthy diet and exercise. In fact, your results will look even better if you exercise before and after your procedure. Even popular fat removal procedures like liposuction do best when the patient is prioritizing their health.

But then again, looking better is only part of the goal. Feeling better is the ultimate goal, and for that, taking care of your health should always still be your priority.

Question 4: What if I Don’t Want a Scar?

Answer: Not ready for invasive surgery? That’s okay! There are many non-invasive cosmetic procedures here in Orange County that can provide similar results. Between CoolSculpting, Emsculpt, and a variety of injectables, there are a huge number of non-invasive procedures that are highly effective, with no scarring and no recovery time.

Question 5: Are All Plastic Surgeons the Same?

Answer: It absolutely helps to consider a plastic surgeon that specializes in male plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Agha of The Aesthetic Centers here in Newport Beach is one of the leading male plastic surgery experts, and he and his team would love a chance to help you realize your aesthetic goals.

For more information about Dr. Agha, or to ask any of your own questions, please call us today at 949-644-2442.

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