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Botox Improves Crow’s Feet Lines

For years now, Botox has been used to treat moderate to severe crows feet, however, until recently has the US Food and Drug Administration approved the toxin for this exact use. This makes Botox the only FDA-approved treatment or lateral canthal lines in adults, otherwise referred to as “crow’s feet.”

Botox Improves Crow’s Feet LinesThe recent approval from the FDA was based on multiple studies including about 835 adults with moderate to severe crows-feet lines who were assigned to receive Botox or placebo. Those treated with Botox showed greater improvement than those who received the placebo injections.

Botox to treat crows-feet has been commonly used by physicians for almost 15 years, and now, FDA evidence showing proof of improvement is evidence to support its effectiveness. Although the FDA recently approved the drug to treat crows-feet, injecting Botox to temporally improve glabellar lines in adults was approved back in 2002.

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