5 Types Of Rhinoplasty In Newport Beach, CA

5 Types Of Rhinoplasty In Los Angeles & Orange County

Plastic surgery has advanced so much in recent years that it’s no longer taboo to talk about it, and most procedures are considered safe and effective. Hundreds of thousands of people undergo procedures like liposuction and tummy tucks every year, and these days most talk about it fairly openly.

But before plastic surgery became more mainstream, one of the most well-known types of surgery was the nose job, or as it’s medically referred to: rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty has always been a key figure in the development of beauty because it is the largest and most distinctly shaped part of the face. When you aren’t confident in your nose, your whole face suffers.

Different Types of Nose Jobs

But like all plastic surgery procedures, there is more than one type of rhinoplasty available, and your choice depends on your current nose, the nose you’re looking for, and more. Some of the procedures you may want to consider include:

  • Nose Reduction – One of the most common types of rhinoplasty is a nose reduction, where the individual finds that they have a bigger nose than they want, and they use rhinoplasty to reshape it into a smaller nose. In these procedures, the noise components are separated and then reshaped to a more aesthetically appealing look, often with smaller nostrils or a less pronounced bridge.

  • Augmentation Rhinoplasty – While some prefer their noses to be smaller, others prefer a more prominent nose to add to the look of their face. This is rhinoplasty with augmentation. Though the procedures are fairly similar, this type of nose job involves either your own bone and tissues or artificially implanted injections and materials, often shaping the nose to be sharper and more striking.

  • Post-Trauma Rhinoplasty – Another type of nose job isn’t designed to make the nose smaller or larger. Rather, it is designed to rebuild the nose after trauma, such as when a nose has been broken or badly injured. In many cases the nose will be rebuilt to as close as the same shape it was before if possible, although in some cases it is simply shaped to be more aesthetically pleasing in the process given the depths of the trauma.

  • Ethnic Rhinoplasty – Though technically very similar to both a nose reduction and augmentation rhinoplasty, ethnic rhinoplasty is a nose job that is specifically designed to look similar to another ethnicity (or your own ethnicity, if you feel your nose doesn’t match your ethnic heritage). Ethnicity can affect nose shape, and so you may find yourself leaning towards a nose that is more commonly in line with a specific ethnic background.

  • Combination Rhinoplasty – Some people do not get a just rhinoplasty at all. For some, the nose job becomes a part of the overall facelift or face reshaping. Though the procedure is still called Rhinoplasty, you may find that your nose job is completed as a simple part of a much larger plastic surgery process, which greatly affects how the nose is shaped.

In many ways there is no limit to the types of rhinoplasty out there because each surgeon looks at your noise individually, helping determine with you the type of noise that you want, and then the surgeon will find the right ways to correctly shape it. But there are certainly some styles of rhinoplasty out there for you to consider. If you’re in Orange County, including Newport Beach, Santa Ana, Irvine, and more, contact Dr. Agha today at (949)644-2442.

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