Rhinoplasty Results: How Dr. Agha Tries To Make Sure All Patients Are Satisfied Newport Beach, CA

Rhinoplasty Results: How Dr. Agha Tries To Make Sure All Patients Are Satisfied

It’s been said many times, but plastic surgery is in many ways an art form. Science plays a key role, but your plastic surgeon has to be an artist, fully understanding his or her canvas in order to make sure that you see the aesthetic results that you have wanted. This appears to be especially true with Rhinoplasty, more commonly referred to as “nose jobs.” Studies have shown that changing the nose can increase the quality of life and self-esteem dramatically, making the procedure one of the best for helping those that are struggling with their appearance.

Studies Show Not All Rhinoplasty is Received Well


Yet there are some studies that highlight how important artistry is when it comes to nose jobs. One study looked at different demographics to determine how happy certain groups were after their nose job was completed. They found that almost every single group was satisfied with their nose job except for one: those classified as “non-Caucasians.” The study did not specifically mention which ethnic groups were included, and the study was small enough that it may not be representative of the larger population.

But it does highlight one of the issues that often arises with regard to nose beauty – every single face is different, and non-Caucasian faces have very different needs than Caucasian faces.

Why Might Non-Caucasians Be Less Satisfied With Their Plastic Surgery?


On the whole, it’s likely they are not. This is only one study, and rhinoplasty has been completed around the world with outstanding results. What it highlights, however, is the role the plastic surgeon plays in making sure that the patient’s needs are met. With non-Caucasian patients, Dr. Agha knows he has to pay close attention to issues that include:

  • Ethnic Differences in Nasal Preferences – When a patient comes in requesting a change to their nose, Dr. Agha has to pay close attention to the essence of what they are requesting, not just the specific request. For example, if someone wants a nose that is more “European,” Dr. Agha will look not only at European noses but about how those noses look given the facial structure of the patient. It’s possible that there is a specific nose shape that may need to be considered for better results.

  • Patient’s Facial Structure and Nasal Placement – Every single face is different, which means there shouldn’t be a one size fits all approach to rhinoplasty. If there are specific need to address a person’s facial structure and come up with the best solution to their aesthetic needs, it needs to be explored.

  • Patient’s Expectations – Full disclosure and planning with the patient is crucial. Many people come into our offices and have a specific request for their nose. Dr. Agha makes an effort to be open and honest, and if the expectation by the patient doesn’t match the look that Dr. Agha sees with their request, Dr. Agha will discuss that with you and see if there is a solution that will be more aesthetically pleasing.

Rhinoplasty is a broad field. There are many options for all ethnic backgrounds, and it’s possible to take personal considerations and preferences into account. The above study shows why it’s so important to really plan your rhinoplasty procedure, and consult thoroughly with Dr. Agha to determine the best “design” and strategy for addressing your nose job needs.

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