What Generation Loves Big Butts And Cannot Lie Newport Beach, CA

Guess which generation “likes big butts and they cannot lie”?

Guess which generation "likes big butts and they cannot lie"? - Instagram Post

Buttock implants give you an amazing booty-licious derriere that accentuates your waist. Though the procedure’s been around for a long time, it was only recently that it gained serious attention. 

Who’s responsible for it, you ask? 🧐

In 2015, the fast-growing type of plastic surgery was buttock implants. In 2018, butt augmentation with fat grafting became the hottest new thing. Instead of implants, this procedure takes unwanted fat from one area and transfers it to the backside.

But why are butt implants so popular with millenials? Social media may be the main factor. Wanting to look as curvy as Kim Kardashian and other personalities known for their big buttocks inspired the younger generation to undergo the procedure.

And this is great news! It means the stigma against plastic surgery, in general, is dissipating 🙌

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