Plastic Surgery For The Feet In Orange County And Los Angeles Newport Beach, CA

Plastic Surgery For The Feet In Orange County And Los Angeles?

Every part of your body deserves to look and feel beautiful. That’s why it’s not necessarily surprising that many women are opting for plastic surgery on the feet. Female foot plastic surgery is a growing trend, and not just because the foot is a common beauty spot for a very large percentage of men – many women also love the idea that their feet will look their best when they show them off in high heeled shoes or open-toed sandals.

Sometimes referred to as “foot beautification” or “aesthetic foot surgery,” plastic surgery on the feet may sometimes seem like an unusual procedure. But it is actually becoming fairly popular. There are actually several procedures that are being created to improve the “beauty” of the feet, including names like:

  • Toe Shortenings

  • Toe “Tucks” and Foot “Lifts”

  • Toebesity Surgery

Their names are almost exactly what you think they are. There are feet plastic surgery options for removing bunions, adding fat and fillers to the feet (many people with HIV lose fat in their feet), Botox for “Hammertoes” and more. There are even procedures known as “Cinderella Feet” which beautiful the feet from ankle to toe. These are only a few of the cosmetic surgery procedures performed on feet that have been popping up in offices all over the country.

Should You Consider Plastic Surgery on Your Feet?

The answer to this question, however, is a bit more difficult. Though many women appear to love the beauty of their feet after the procedures, Orthopedic Surgeons are not a fan. Many are worried that women may be getting procedures completed that can affect their nerve health and gait, which may have long term outcomes on their health. For example, making a toe smaller than it is meant to be to fit in shoes could be asking for problems walking, and issues that may affect the individual in the long term.

The answer lies a great deal in the analysis of the risk and benefits. It depends on the distress you have with your feet, the surgeries needed to “correct” the issue, and the confidence you are likely to gain after the procedure is over. Plastic surgery for the feet is a booming business in Los Angeles and all over Orange County, and there are certainly good candidates for the procedure, but the ultimate determining factor has to be a calculation of whether the risks are worth the rewards.

Understanding Plastic Surgery Procedures

At our Newport Beach Plastic Surgery offices, our goal is not only to provide plastic surgery. We’re also here to help you determine which solutions make the most sense given your needs. We’re happy to teach you more about the surgeries that are available, discuss the issues that have been causing you to lose body confidence, and see if there is a way to help you address the issues that matter most.

If you’re located in Southern California, from Santa Ana to San Diego to Riverside to Huntington Beach, call us today at (949)644-2442. We are happy to discuss the plastic surgery procedures that make the most sense for your specific needs, and determine whether or not you should consider specific cosmetic surgery solutions to help you regain your confidence in your body and start addressing the issues that matter most to you.

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