What Should You Expect at Your Consultation for Breast Augmentation?

What Should You Expect at Your Consultation for Breast Augmentation?

The decision to undergo breast augmentation can be very exciting. It is a chance for you to improve your confidence and do something for yourself that you have always wanted to do. But before you can see those amazing benefits, there are still a few medical steps that have to occur first, and it all starts with your consultation.

Your breast augmentation consultation is important. It’s you and Dr. Agha’s chance to get to know each other, find out more about your medical history, and make sure that the right implants are chosen to meet your aesthetic goals.

A 100% honest medical history is an important step towards making sure you are ready for the augmentation. Be prepared to discuss why you want the breast augmentation surgery, what you hope to get out of the procedure, what you expect it to look like, and more.

You should also talk about your health status, as well as any medications you may be taking. Include vitamins and herbal/natural supplements. Let Dr. Agha know if there is any history of breast cancer in your family, if you plan to have any children/breastfeed, and whether you’ve had any previous surgical treatments.

Make sure you’re honest about your smoking, drug, and alcohol habits as well, and try to find any and all of your medication allergies, so that Dr. Agha can take them into consideration.

You and Dr. Agha will then start planning the augmentation. This process includes:

  • Examining your breasts and nipples taking all of the necessary measurements to determine what augmentation is best, and the location of the procedure for the ideal results.
  • Taking any required photographs. This will help in the planning process, and also give you a before/after that will show the completed work.
  • Discussing the outcome. You and Dr. Agha will go over what to expect from the procedure, what outcomes are likely and what they will look like, and the steps involved in recovery.

If you have any questions, they will be addressed at this time. It should be noted that there may be other questions that have not been brought up here that may need to be addressed in the planning phase.

Once all of the measurements have been taken and an ideal implant and procedure have been chosen, the next step will be to schedule your appointment and prepare for the surgery itself.

Dr. Agha and his highly specialized team here at The Aesthetic Centers in Newport Beach are here to provide you with the consultation, support, and outcome you desire for your breast augmentation and body contouring needs. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us today at 949-644-2442.

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