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What Are The Most Common Surgical Revisions In Orange County?

Dr. Agha is known as one of the leading plastic surgeons in Newport Beach and Orange County, has developed a name for himself as an artist in the field. He has pioneered many body lift treatments – known for being some of the most complex plastic surgery procedures available today – as well as helped develop high definition abdominoplasty, with considerable experience with breast implants, tummy tucks, and more.

Yet many of the clients that come into our Newport Beach Plastic Surgery center are not looking for a new form of plastic surgery. They’re looking for plastic surgery revisions – surgical techniques used to fix problems with their previous plastic surgery procedure.

When Are Surgical Revisions Needed?


Though the extreme versions of surgical revisions have been made popular by shows like “Botched,” surgical revisions are common. They are most often requested when the end result of a plastic surgery procedure was unable to create an aesthetically pleasing result. This includes examples such as:

  • Uneven or Asymmetrical Results

  • Mild to Moderate Disfigurement

  • Significant Scarring (More than Should Be Experienced)

  • Lumpy Skin or Significant Skin Laxity

Indeed, many people simply seek out surgical revisions because the choices made by the plastic surgeon were simply not to their liking (such as a recommendation for a breast implant style that did not match what they want, or rhinoplasty shaped poorly for the person’s face). Some also simply do not like the end results, despite no particular mistakes.

Trained Orange County plastic surgeons like Dr. Agha are well trained to make sure that your aesthetic results look excellent the first time. Within plastic surgery, however, there is always the risk that a technique, no matter how well it was performed, may not heal exactly as expected.

Plastic surgery techniques have to take into account the healing process, so the results are based on an expectation of what the body will look like after you heal. Even the best plastic surgeons may occasionally need revisions, and many more that are less skilled have patients that are rarely satisfied with their results.

Surgical Revisions in Orange County


It is for all of these reasons that surgical revisions are surprisingly common, especially when you have seen plastic surgeons that may not have received the training or experience that Dr. Agha has received. Some of the most common surgical revisions we perform include:

In theory, any type of plastic surgery may also require a revision. For example, plastic surgeons that perform only liposuction on the inner thighs often leave significant skin laxity, requiring a revision procedure.

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If you aren’t satisfied with the results of your plastic surgery and want a trained Orange County surgical expert to look at the issue and provide you with a better solution that will better suit your body, contact us today at (949) 644-2442. We are happy to provide you with a consultation and let you know the best solution to your cosmetic needs.

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