This 46 year old patient presented to Dr. Siamak Agha for a Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation and Lift, and Buttocks Fat Transfer with Liposuction of multiple areas. The patient wished to have a flatter abdomen and more uplifted breasts. She also desired a more hourglass shape to her body, and a rounder backside.

Upon examination, Dr. Agha noted that the patient had a significant amount of breast sagging, and her areolae pointed downward, creating an unflattering appearance to the breasts. She also had fullness in her waist and entire back, and a significant degree of abdominal tissue laxity and excess.

Dr. Agha began the patient’s 360-degree Mommy Makeover procedure by performing Liposuction on the patient’s upper, mid, and lower back, sacrum, love handles, inner thighs, and breast rolls. In total, he removed 3,900 cc of fat from these areas. The harvested fat was then cleaned and processed, and a Buttock Fat Transfer was performed. A total of 450 cc of fat were carefully grafted into each buttock cheek, rounding out the shape of the buttocks and decreasing the appearance of dimpling on the buttock cheeks.

Before After

Next, Dr. Agha performed his signature low-cut High-Definition Tummy Tuck. During this procedure, the abdominal fullness was removed and the abdominal sagging was corrected. Finally, he performed a Breast Augmentation with Anchor-Incision Breast Lift. The patient’s sagging breast tissue was removed, her breasts were lifted, and smooth, round 445 cc gel implants were inserted into sub-muscular pockets on each breast. Finally, the size of the patient’s areolae was reduced, and her areolae were placed centrally on her breasts.

After the patient’s procedure, she had a much more youthful appearance to her body, with lifted breasts, more definition at the waistline, and a fuller backside. The patient’s Mommy Makeover before and after photos were taken 5 months after her procedure.