Silicone Removal and Brazilian Butt Lift

Buttocks Liposuction to Remove Silicone followed by Fat Transfer

This patient presented to Dr. Siamak Agha for a Buttock Revision Procedure. This patient had received a botched Brazilian Butt Lift from a surgeon in Mexico, who injected silicone into her buttocks. Injecting silicone into the buttocks is an extremely dangerous and irresponsible way to augment the buttocks, which can lead to severe injury and even death. Due to this past procedure, the patient’s skin had severe discoloration and had begun to look blue. The patient was also unhappy with the shape of her buttocks, and felt that it had been overfilled. She disliked how large and lumpy her backside looked, and wanted a more natural appearance.

To help minimize the negative effects of the silicone injections, Dr. Agha elected to use Liposuction to extract some of the fat and silicone. Using a low pressure liposuction, Dr. Agha was able to extract about 500 cc of silicone, fat, and fluid from each buttock. By removing some of the silicone, Dr. Agha was able to lighten the blue discoloration. Also, since the buttock cheeks were no longer overfilled, the patient’s buttocks were less lumpy and textured. Her buttocks were also more proportional to her body, and looked more natural. 

Before After

Dr. Agha also performed Liposuction on the patient’s inner thighs, slimming her legs and improving the shape of her figure. This also made the patient appear less bottom heavy, since her large buttocks had made her look much wider on her lower half. By removing the excess fat from the patient’s inner thighs, her whole body appeared thinner and more proportional. The patient’s Buttock Revision before and after photos were taken 6 months after her procedure, and she was very happy with her results.