BBL Reversal & Buttocks Lift

Correction of Botched Buttock Surgery & Take Down Of Abdominal Lipoetched 6-Pack

This 25 year old patient presented to Dr. Siamak Agha from Florida to undergo a Buttocks lift, BBL reversal and takedown of her lipoetched abdominal six pack. The patient had a history of six previous buttock surgeries back at home. These included two rounds of silicone injections into her buttock, followed by liposuction to remove the injected silicone, followed by a buttock lift, followed by buttock and hip implant placement, which was later removed during another surgery.

In presenting to Dr. Agha, the patient wished to undergo correction of her immense buttock sagging, widening, and flattening. Dr. Agha planned to perform a Buttocks lift and reshaping for the patient together with liposuction of her abdomen to take down the etched six packs that the patient disliked.

During surgery, Dr. Agha noted that the patient had a buttock pocket and a hip pocket that were still unhealed following removal of her buttock and hip implants. As a result of these non-healed open internal spaces, the patient’s buttocks descended, creating a misshapen buttock. During surgery, Dr. Agha lifted the patient’s buttock tissues and hip areas while closing the empty implant pockets with sutures. He further liposuctioned the patient’s abdomen and lower back and used the harvested fat to create central buttock fullness.

Patient’s postoperative pictures were taken at one month before the patient flew back home to Florida. As can be seen from the post operative pictures. A great deal of correction was achieved by Dr. Agha during this complex surgery of the patient’s buttock area that’s represented her 8th buttock surgery.

Before After