Botched Buttock correction

Buttock Lift Revision and Fat Transfer

This patient in her late 20s presented to Dr. Siamak Agha after a deforming buttock lift surgery back at her home state. The patient ended up with having a visible wide upper buttocks incision without much of a buttocks lift.

At presenting to Dr. Agha, the patient was very unhappy with the location and the visibility of her buttock’s scar. Dr. Agha planned to perform a formal buttock lift for the patient combined with liposuction of her back and buttocks fat transfer.

Patient’s surgeries were completed successfully and her results are shown here at four weeks prior to patient’s return home. As you can appreciate from her post operative pictures, Dr. Agha not only successfully lifted the patient’s buttocks but also augmented it with fat transfer and revised her previous scars through incisions that now can be well hidden even in a bikini or thong.

Before After