Botched Buttock correction

Buttock Lift Revision and Fat Transfer

This patient presented to Dr. Siamak Agha for a Buttock Lift Revision. The patient’s previous surgeon performed a Buttock Lift that left her buttocks disfigured and deformed with extreme scarring. The patient was extremely self conscious about her results from her last procedure and flew to California to see Dr. Agha, in order to improve her scarring and fix her buttocks shape.

In order to repair her buttocks, Dr. Agha performed a Buttock Lift Revision with Buttock Fat Transfer. The patient’s previous surgeon had removed too much of the patients skin, pulling her buttocks cheeks inward toward the center. This created unflattering fullness in the mid buttock cheeks, and removed the patient’s butt crack. To fix these issues, Dr. Agha carefully cut through the middle of the buttock cheeks, reconstructing the patient’s butt crack, and separating and reforming her buttock cheeks. He also removed the excess scarring, and expertly placed her new incision where it could be easily covered by underwear or a bikini. He then performed Liposuction on her thighs, back, and flanks, and injected the fat into the lumpy and misshapen areas of her buttocks, to fill out the deformities and create a smooth, rounded surface. Dr. Agha carefully and expertly extracted her fat cells and placed them into her buttocks with extreme precision. Using a low pressure Liposuction, Dr. Agha was able to create the perfect shape and have the highest possible amount of transferred fat cells survive.

Before After

Dr. Agha was able to make a dramatic improvement to the patient’s buttocks, and she was finally she able to achieve her ideal backside. The patient’s Buttock Revision before and after photos were taken just 3 weeks after her procedure while her incisions were still healing. The patient then flew back to her home state, ecstatic about her results.