High-Definition Tummy Tuck and Monsplasty

This patient in her mid-forties presented to our office unhappy her belly.  On examination, it was noted that the patient had a moderate degree of abdominal muscle separation as well as overall abdominal skin excess with pubic sagging.

During a 3 1/2 hour surgery, the patient underwent a low-cut high-definition tummy tuck with monsplasty. The High-definition tummy tuck procedure recreates an hour-glass contour of the abdomen by applying many of the aesthetic features of the ideal abdomen: a defined rectus abdominus silhouette with oblique lateral indentation and depressions and a vertically-oriented navel in a narrow, midline depression.

Patient’s tummy tuck post-op photos were taken about 9 months after her surgery.  Patient was super happy with her thin and low abdominal scars as well as her new beautifully recreated abdominal contour with definition.  No one will ever know that she has had a tummy tuck in a low-cut bikini.

Before After