High-Definition Tummy Tuck and Monsplasty

After multiple pregnancies, this patient in her mid-forties presented to our office unhappy her abdominal bulge and size.  On examination, it was noted that the patient had a large diastasis recti as well as abdominal skin excess with pubic sagging.  Patient also had numerous stretch marks over her lower and central abdomen with waist fullness.

During a 3 1/2-hour surgery, the patient underwent a low-cut high-definition tummy tuck with monsplasty.   

Patient’s tummy tuck after photos were taken about 9 months after her surgery.  Patient was extremely happy with not only her three-dimensional and highly-defined recreated abdomen but also with the repair of her large diastasis recti. No one will ever know that she has had a tummy tuck in a low-cut bikini.

– Show the side picture first for this patient

Before After