This patient presented to Dr. Siamak Agha for a 360 degrees mommy makeover that involved a tummy tuck as well as liposuction and fat transfer to her buttocks. The patient who was 25 years old, had had multiple pregnancies and was unhappy with her abdominal contour and lack of fullness of her buttocks. The patient was also unhappy with the excess fat around her love handles, lower back and inner thighs.

On examination, Dr. Agha determined that the patient did not have a significant amount of fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift. Therefore, he planned to perform liposuction of the patient’s lower abdomen prior to a tummy tuck with liposuction of her entire back and inner thighs to obtain enough fat for buttocks fat transfer.

During a five hour surgery, Dr. Agha performed liposuction of the patient’s lower abdomen and inner thighs first, and then upper, mid and lower back, as well as love-handles and sacrum. About 1,200 mls of lipoaspirate was obtained from the lower abdomen, 200 mls from the inner thighs and 1,000 mls for the back and flanks. The fat was then washed of any remaining fluid and blood. The fat was then processed and injected into the buttocks to achieve fullness and perkiness of each buttock cheek. About 450 mls of clean, pure fat was injected into each buttock. The patient was subsequently turned over and a high definition Tummy Tuck was completed on her front.

Her post operative before and after pictures were taken at about nine months after the patient’s surgery. Dr. Agha truly changed the patient back and front views by creating a flat but defined abdomen, waist and lower back concavity, and a beautifully augmented and naturally-shaped buttocks.

Before After