Buttock Implants

This patient presented to Dr. Siamak Agha for a Buttock Augmentation with implants. The patient previously had a Brazilian Butt Lift and an Extended Abdominoplasty by another surgeon. However, she was unhappy with the results of her Buttocks Fat Transfer, and desired larger, and more rounded buttocks. The patient specifically wished to have buttock implants to achieve her desired result.

To avoid any new incisions, Dr. Agha planned to use the patient’s previous Extended Tummy Tuck scars on her back for implant placement. Through these existing incisions, Dr. Agha created precise pockets for the implants above the buttock muscles on each side. Solid silicone buttocks implants of 360 cc in size were then placed into each pocket meticulously. The pockets were then closed to prevent implant shift or misplacement.

The patient’s Buttocks Implants before and after photos were taken 8 months after her procedure. The implants added the desired size, projection, and shape to the her buttocks and she was extremely happy with her new curvaceous shape.

Before After