This 37-year-old female was referred to Dr. Siamak Agha of Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center at Newport Beach by her friend. The patient was interested in having a breast lift. The patient underwent a breast augmentation three years ago by another surgeon. She was unhappy with the results due to her breast sagging over the implants. The patient went back to her physician who changed her implants for larger ones in order to correct for the breast sagging. The patient informed us that she has never been happy with results and has always felt that her breasts are sagging.

Examination of her breasts was remarkable for breast asymmetry.  The left breast was about 40 cc larger than the right one.  Her left implant was about 1 inch lower than the right one.  Also, her breasts were very low on her chest since her mammary crease was lowered too much by the previous surgeon to lift the breasts.

Dr. Agha planned a comprehensive correction for the patient which can be seen in her pre-operative markings.  This involved correction of the implant pocket and breast lift.  The patient underwent an anchor type breast lift with 120 grams breast reduction on the left and 90 grams of breast reduction on the right, closure of the outer and lower aspect of the implant pockets, and reconstruction of the mammary crease 1 inch higher. 

Post-operative picture were taken at 6 months after her surgery.

Before After