This 37-year-old patient presented to Dr. Siamak Agha for a Breast Lift. The patient had previously had a breast augmentation with another plastic surgeon but was unhappy with her results because she had breast ptosis, or breast sagging. The patient went back to her physician, and he changed her implants for a larger size to correct her breast ptosis. However, she was still unhappy with her results and felt that her breasts remained saggy. Her breasts were also asymmetrical, and her left breast hung lower and was about 40-50cc larger than her right.

Upon examination, Dr. Agha noted that her breasts were too low on her chest. He also noted that her mammary fold, or the crease where the breast and the chest meet, was at least an inch lower than its ideal position. To fix these issues, Dr. Agha perfumed a Wise-Pattern Breast Lift (anchor incision) with the elevation of both implants and an elevation and reconstruction of her mammary fold. Dr. Agha lifted the patient’s breasts so that they would look more perky and youthful. He also lifted and reconstructed the patient’s mammary fold so that her breasts did not sit so low on her chest.

He was also able to fix her breast asymmetry by reducing the size of her left breast and lifting it higher. This way, both breasts were the same size and hung down the same distance. After the procedure, the patient was finally happy with her breasts. The patients Breast Lift before and after photos were taken 4 months after her procedure and she was overjoyed with her results.

Before After